Sony patents granted on 06 November 2007

38 US patents granted on 06 November 2007 and assigned to Sony

1 7,293,216 Bit error position estimation in data decoder
2 7,293,115 Internet-aware agent for automatically updating applications without executing the application
3 7,293,101 Method for determining access time of repeatedly broadcast objects
4 7,293,085 Data processing system, information processing apparatus, data processing method, and computer program
5 7,292,997 Apparatus and method of receiving order, storage medium, and method of point service
6 7,292,981 Signal variation feature based confidence measure
7 7,292,974 Method for recognizing speech with noise-dependent variance normalization
8 7,292,872 Mobile phone push-to-talk voice activation
9 7,292,850 Communication processing apparatus, communication processing method, and computer program
10 7,292,842 Wireless adhoc communication system, terminal, authentication method for use in terminal, encryption method, terminal management method, and program for enabling terminal to perform those methods
11 7,292,772 Method and apparatus for decoding and recording medium for a coded video stream
12 7,292,771 Apparatus, method and medium for information processing
13 7,292,770 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
14 7,292,769 Recording and reproducing apparatus and method
15 7,292,694 Noise reduction in a stereo receiver
16 7,292,692 Content scrambling with minimal impact on legacy devices
17 7,292,691 Progressive video refresh slice detection
18 7,292,690 Video scene change detection
19 7,292,523 Recording medium, recording apparatus, and reading apparatus
20 7,292,518 Apparatus for recording information and apparatus for recording and reproducing information
21 7,292,512 System using radio frequency identification (RFID) for copy management of digital media
22 7,292,448 Circuit substrate
23 7,292,412 Rotary head drum apparatus including a rotary drum having a head and a switch for selecting the head and magnetic recording and/or reproducing apparatus using the same
24 7,292,177 Counter circuit, AD conversion method, AD converter, semiconductor device for detecting distribution of physical quantities, and electronic apparatus
25 7,291,861 Solid-state imaging device, method for driving the same, method for manufacturing the same, camera, and method for driving the same
26 7,291,823 Image pickup device with pixel signal and inverted pixel signal analog outputs
27 7,291,511 Method of manufacturing vibration gyro sensor element, vibration gyro sensor element, and method of adjusting vibration direction
28 7,290,698 Progress bar with multiple portions
29 D554,644 Computer antenna
30 D554,620 Speaker
31 D554,618 Speaker box
32 D554,605 Videotape recorder
33 D554,604 Combined disc player and amplifier
34 D554,603 Disc recorder
35 D554,602 Combined disc player and amplifier
36 D554,582 Connector
37 D554,580 Rechargeable battery for computer
38 D554,579 Rechargeable battery for computer