Sony patents granted on 06 November 2012

75 US patents granted on 06 November 2012 and assigned to Sony

1 D670,293 Digital reader cover
2 D670,292 Recording medium
3 D670,287 Digital reader
4 D670,274 Earphone
5 D670,265 Audio player
6 D670,240 Rechargeable battery
7 8,307,391 Information processing apparatus and method
8 8,307,389 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, computer program, and information sharing system
9 8,307,383 Disc cartridge
10 8,307,361 Platform dependent replacement of digital content asset components
11 8,307,302 Remote control handset
12 8,307,201 Information processing system, service providing apparatus and method, information processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
13 8,307,160 Interface apparatus, calculation processing apparatus, interface generation apparatus, and circuit generation apparatus
14 8,307,140 Content reception apparatus and content reception method
15 8,307,130 Control system, operation device and control method
16 8,307,123 Content distribution system, distribution method, content processing device, and processing method
17 8,306,930 Learning device, learning method, and program for learning a pattern
18 8,306,917 Image commercial transactions system and method
19 8,306,828 Method and apparatus for audio signal expansion and compression
20 8,306,641 Aural maps
21 8,306,609 Vein imaging apparatus and thumbnail image creation method
22 8,306,400 Information processing apparatus, information processing method and computer program
23 8,306,398 Recording control apparatus and recording control method
24 8,306,394 Audiovisual information data processing apparatus
25 8,306,385 Recording apparatus and mount control method
26 8,306,358 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and imaging apparatus for slicing an image
27 8,306,339 Information processing device and method
28 8,306,331 Image processing apparatus and method, and program
29 8,306,322 Bitstream syntax for graphics-mode compression in wireless HD 1.1
30 8,306,287 Biometrics authentication system
31 8,306,238 Method and circuit for controlling an output of an audio signal of a battery-powered device
32 8,306,236 Sound field measuring apparatus and sound field measuring method
33 8,306,231 Portable device with enhanced stereo image
34 8,306,217 Cryptographic processing apparatus and cryptographic processing method, and computer program
35 8,306,160 Synchronization circuit and synchronization method, wireless communication device and wireless communication method, and computer program
36 8,306,137 Data processing apparatus and method for use in a 0.5K mode interleaver in a digital video broadcasting standard including DVB-Terrestrial2
37 8,306,123 Method and apparatus to improve the convergence speed of a recursive motion estimator
38 8,305,929 Electronic device for communication within a network and method for operating an electronic device
39 8,305,870 Optical information recording method, optical information reproducing method, optical information recording apparatus, and optical information recording and reproducing apparatus
40 8,305,866 Pickup apparatus, optical recording and reproduction apparatus, and recording and reproduction method
41 8,305,860 Information processing device, information processing method, and program
42 8,305,858 Variable delay circuit, recording apparatus, and delay amount calibration method
43 8,305,856 Disk-shaped record medium and producing method for same, disk recording method and device, and disk playback method and device
44 8,305,855 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
45 8,305,785 Power source apparatus
46 8,305,668 Recording and reproducing device, recording and reproducing method, recording device, recording method, reproducing device and reproducing method
47 8,305,503 Phase difference element and display device
48 8,305,491 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer program
49 8,305,489 Video conversion apparatus and method, and program
50 8,305,483 Imaging device and focus detecting method
51 8,305,481 Image pickup apparatus and method for controlling the same
52 8,305,475 Solid-state image sensing device and image signal output circuit
53 8,305,464 Imaging apparatus, image processing apparatus, zoom control method, and zoom control program
54 8,305,457 Image processing apparatus, dynamic picture reproduction apparatus, and processing method and program for the same
55 8,305,448 Selective privacy protection for imaged matter
56 8,305,429 Image pickup apparatus and image pickup method
57 8,305,424 System, apparatus and method for panorama image display
58 8,305,400 Display device and method for luminance adjustment of display device
59 8,305,383 Data access apparatus and method
60 8,305,358 Sensor, display including a sensor, and method for using a sensor
61 8,305,338 Liquid crystal display apparatus and backlight adjustment method
62 8,305,309 Display device with power source supply scan circuits and driving method thereof
63 8,305,044 Battery pack, information processing apparatus, charge control system, charge control method by battery pack, and charge control method by charge control system
64 8,304,964 Mobile device and power supply device with converter for converting energy of mechanical movement into electrical energy
65 8,304,815 Solid-state image pickup apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
66 8,304,777 Display apparatus, method of manufacturing display apparatus, and electronic apparatus
67 8,304,763 Thin-film semiconductor device and field-effect transistor
68 8,304,708 Image pickup element and image pickup device
69 8,304,167 Optical information recording medium
70 8,304,102 Method for preventing erroneous loading of component-to-be-loaded on main body side apparatus, component-to-be-loaded and battery pack
71 8,304,055 Anti-glare film and display device
72 8,303,794 Magnetic material, and a MEMS device using the magnetic material
73 8,303,411 Methods and systems for enabling depth and direction detection when interfacing with a computer program
74 8,303,405 Controller for providing inputs to control execution of a program when inputs are combined
75 8,302,849 Display device, display method, and program