Sony patents granted on 07 April 2015

58 US patents granted on 07 April 2015 and assigned to Sony

1 D726,238 Camera
2 D726,052 Module for a measuring instrument
3 9,003,439 System and method for internet TV and broadcast advertisements
4 9,003,147 Electronic device and save data recording method
5 9,003,016 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
6 9,002,945 Tracking, correlating, and processing multi-user online sessions
7 9,002,779 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer program
8 9,002,747 Geographic internet asset filtering for internet video client
9 9,002,744 Methods, systems and computer program products for determining usage rights for digital content based on characterizing information thereof and related devices
10 9,002,707 Determining the position of the source of an utterance
11 9,002,489 Signal processing apparatus, signal processing method, and program
12 9,002,383 Information processing system, mobile information terminal, server, and information processing method
13 9,002,369 Management device, management method, communication device, communication method, relay device, relay method, program, and communication system
14 9,002,298 Capacitive data transfer through a user’s body
15 9,002,284 Wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication method, computer program, and wireless communication system
16 9,002,140 Image processing apparatus, method, and program
17 9,002,005 On-demand switched content encryption
18 9,001,919 Communications system using adaptive frequency notching
19 9,001,860 Laser diode device including a top electrode with first and second sections
20 9,001,793 Communication system, communication apparatus, communication method and computer program product
21 9,001,757 Communication apparatus, communication method, computer program and communication system
22 9,001,736 Network-controlled terminal-to-terminal direct communication in wireless telecommunication network
23 9,001,713 Communication apparatus and communication method, computer program, and communication system
24 9,001,455 Magnetic recording medium, servo signal recording apparatus and method of producing magnetic recording medium
25 9,001,438 Imaging lens and imaging device
26 9,001,244 Image sensor, electronic apparatus, and driving method of electronic apparatus
27 9,001,239 Image processing apparatus, image processing method and manufacturing apparatus
28 9,001,236 Image processing apparatus, method, and recording medium for extracting images from a composite image file
29 9,001,235 Pre- and post-shutter signal image capture and sort for digital camera
30 9,001,233 Image pickup apparatus and image pickup apparatus control method that generates an image with transformed number of pixels
31 9,001,216 Method and apparatus for video streaming
32 9,001,198 Image display viewing system, optical modulator and image display device
33 9,001,195 Image display device, image display viewing system and image display method
34 9,001,191 Calibration device, image display system and shutter glasses
35 9,001,188 Information processing apparatus, information processing method and program
36 9,001,185 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
37 9,001,140 Information processing device and method, and program, for gamut conversion of content
38 9,001,139 Image processing device and image processing method
39 9,001,099 Image display and image display method
40 9,001,094 Display device and output buffer circuit for driving the same
41 9,001,069 Technique for executing a combined operation in response to a single press and release of a sensor unit
42 9,001,051 Information processing apparatus, display method, and display program
43 9,001,048 Information processing system, information processor, information processing method, and program
44 9,001,038 Information display apparatus, information display method and program
45 9,001,034 Information processing apparatus, program, and information processing method
46 9,001,020 Shift register circuit, display panel, and electronic apparatus
47 9,001,012 Image display
48 9,001,011 Electroluminescent display panel and electronic apparatus
49 9,000,927 System and method for monitoring biometric data
50 9,000,501 Semiconductor integrated circuit, electronic device, solid-state imaging apparatus, and imaging apparatus
51 9,000,493 Solid-state imaging device, method for producing same, and camera
52 8,999,776 Semiconductor device and electronic unit
53 8,999,583 Lithium-ion secondary battery, anode for lithium-ion secondary battery, power tool, electric vehicle and energy storage system
54 8,999,243 Blood coagulation system analyzing method and blood coagulation system analyzing device
55 8,998,723 Automatic player information generation for interactive entertainment
56 8,998,429 Printed material and photographic material
57 8,998,194 Image forming apparatus
58 8,998,086 Management device and management method