Sony patents granted on 07 August 2007

27 US patents granted on 07 August 2007 and assigned to Sony

1 7,254,715 Modular broadcast receiver system & method
2 7,254,702 Method of distributed recording whereby the need to transition to a second recording device from a first recording device is broadcast by the first recording device
3 7,254,635 Apparatus and method for producing and managing data for optimizing the delivery of multimedia content
4 7,254,455 System for and method of determining the period of recurring events within a recorded signal
5 7,254,418 System, method, apparatus, control method thereof and computer program for wireless communications
6 7,254,415 Portable wireless terminal, method of outputting sound, and method of picking up sound
7 7,254,181 Transmitting apparatus and method, receiving apparatus and method, and transmitting and receiving apparatus and method
8 7,254,148 Laser light generating device and method of fabricating the same
9 7,254,124 Methods, apparatus and computer program products for controlling a reverse link traffic channel code responsive to detection of a duplicate terminal identity
10 7,254,096 Reproducing apparatus, method for controlling reproduction and controlling program for reproduction
11 7,254,045 Power supply circuit and electronic equipment
12 7,254,035 Circuit substrate unit and electronic equipment
13 7,254,005 AC plug and electrical apparatus provided with same
14 7,253,934 Holographic recording apparatus and method for recording holograms
15 7,253,821 Special effect device, address signal generating device, address signal generating method and address signal generating program
16 7,253,820 Method and system for dynamically allocating a frame buffer for efficient anti-aliasing
17 7,253,752 Coding apparatus, decoding apparatus, coding method, decoding method and program
18 7,253,033 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device that includes implanting in multiple directions a high concentration region
19 7,253,004 Chemical sensors from nanoparticle/dendrimer composite materials
20 7,252,778 Etching method and etching device
21 7,252,257 Tape drive apparatus, tape extraction apparatus and tape cassette
22 7,251,883 Electronic-component alignment method and apparatus therefor
23 D548,234 Display
24 D548,220 Combined IC recorder/player and camera
25 D548,209 Disc player
26 D548,120 Digital gauge
27 D547,995 Case for disc cartridge