Sony patents granted on 07 August 2012

67 US patents granted on 07 August 2012 and assigned to Sony

1 D665,032 Portable information terminal
2 8,239,961 Digital rights management using trusted time
3 8,239,899 Method for reproducing data streams
4 8,239,896 Integration of control data into digital broadcast content for access to ancillary information
5 8,239,894 Electronic apparatus, display controlling method for electronic apparatus and graphical user interface
6 8,239,742 Coding apparatus, coding method and coding program for combing two different code words
7 8,239,690 Storage device and storage method, and information-processing device and information-processing method
8 8,239,681 Information processing device and method, recording medium, program and information processing system
9 8,239,480 Methods of searching using captured portions of digital audio content and additional information separate therefrom and related systems and computer program products
10 8,239,446 Content distribution architecture
11 8,239,353 Transmission system and method, transmission apparatus and method, reception apparatus and method, and recording medium
12 8,239,320 Electronic money apparatus and an electronic circuit
13 8,239,049 Playing state presentation system, playing state presentation device, playing state presentation method, and playing state presentation program
14 8,238,978 Portable apparatus
15 8,238,824 Communication system and communication apparatus
16 8,238,711 Method and apparatus for processing image data which enables switching to and from a reproduction mode
17 8,238,684 Signal processing apparatus and method, and program
18 8,238,667 Moving image creating apparatus, moving image creating method, and program
19 8,238,652 Image processing apparatus and method, and program
20 8,238,618 Image-capturing apparatus and method, facial expression evaluation apparatus, and program
21 8,238,616 Biometric authentication system and biometric authentication method
22 8,238,547 Sound pickup apparatus and echo cancellation processing method
23 8,238,498 Wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication method, wireless communication system, and computer program
24 8,238,459 Decoding device and method, receiving device and method, and program
25 8,238,442 Methods and apparatus for concealing corrupted blocks of video data
26 8,238,435 Modifying bitstreams
27 8,238,434 Apparatus and method for processing wavelet information
28 8,238,425 Decoding apparatus, decoding method, and program of same
29 8,238,423 Image processing apparatus and method
30 8,238,376 Synchronized audio/video decoding for network devices
31 8,238,332 Signal transmitting and receiving devices, systems, and method for multiplexing parallel data in a horizontal auxiliary data space
32 8,238,237 Load balancing distribution of data to multiple recipients on a peer-to-peer network
33 8,238,211 Information processing device and method, information providing system, information processing system, and program storing medium
34 8,238,210 Optical recording medium, optical recording medium driving apparatus, and optical recording medium driving method
35 8,238,150 Information storage element and method of writing/reading information into/from information storage element
36 8,238,138 Semiconductor memory device and its operation method
37 8,238,132 Semiconductor device
38 8,238,033 Liquid lens device and manufacturing method therefor
39 8,238,005 Hologram medium manufacturing method, master hologram medium manufacturing method, recording medium, and hologram medium manufacturing apparatus
40 8,237,891 Liquid crystal display, and projection type display using liquid crystal display layer
41 8,237,888 Illuminating device, display device, and method of manufacturing light modulation element
42 8,237,886 Optical sheet, method of manufacturing the same, and display apparatus
43 8,237,843 Imaging device
44 8,237,817 Imaging device, imaging device control method and program for imaging device control method
45 8,237,812 Imaging apparatus, imaging control method, and imaging control program
46 8,237,811 Imaging apparatus, control method thereof, and program
47 8,237,808 Solid state imaging device and imaging apparatus adjusting the spatial positions of pixels after addition by controlling the ratio of weight values during addition
48 8,237,773 Communication system and method, sending apparatus and method, receiving apparatus and method, and program
49 8,237,741 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and image processing program
50 8,237,698 Panel and driving controlling method
51 8,237,690 Display device, electro-optical element driving method and electronic equipment
52 8,237,678 Apparatus and method for detecting contact on or proximity to a touch screen
53 8,237,655 Information processing apparatus, method and program
54 8,237,651 Temperature control method for display device and display device
55 8,237,639 Image display device
56 8,237,632 Display apparatus, method of driving display apparatus, and electronic apparatus
57 8,237,631 Display device and electronic equipment
58 8,237,594 Encoding apparatus, decoding apparatus, information processing system, and computer-readable storage medium
59 8,237,361 Display device with protective film having a low density silicon nitride film between high density silicon nitride films
60 8,237,242 Capacitor, method of producing the same, semiconductor device, and liquid crystal display device
61 8,237,237 Solid-state imaging device, method for manufacturing solid-state imaging device, and electronic apparatus
62 8,237,162 Thin film transistor substrate and display device
63 8,236,671 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
64 8,236,670 Method of applying a pattern of metal, metal oxide and/or semiconductor material on a substrate
65 8,236,438 Nonaqueous electrolyte battery
66 8,236,153 Immobilization support, process for producing the same, electrode, process for producing the same, electrode reaction utilizing apparatus and process for producing the same
67 8,235,817 Object based observation