Sony patents granted on 07 December 2010

47 US patents granted on 07 December 2010 and assigned to Sony

1 D628,608 Combined audio system and digital photo frame
2 D628,583 Transitional graphic user interface for a display of a mobile telephone
3 D628,582 Transitional graphic user interface for a display of a mobile telephone
4 D628,581 Transitional graphic user interface for a display of a mobile telephone
5 D628,577 Spherical ended controller
6 7,849,494 Digital television receiver
7 7,849,378 Optical disc, method of write to same and method of read from same
8 7,849,203 Command and control of arbitrary resources in a peer-to-peer network
9 7,849,150 Electronic device having communication function
10 7,849,033 Learning control apparatus, learning control method, and computer program
11 7,848,862 On-vehicle device
12 7,848,768 Network system and communication device
13 7,848,723 Information processing apparatus and method, program and recording medium
14 7,848,705 Information processing apparatus and information processing method having communication function
15 7,848,628 Camera system, camera control apparatus, panorama image making method and computer program product
16 7,848,621 File format translation
17 7,848,610 Data processing system, reproduction apparatus, computer, reproduction method, program, and storage medium
18 7,848,582 Image processing method, image processing apparatus, program of image processing method and recording medium recording program of image processing method
19 7,848,576 Image matching method, image matching apparatus, and program
20 7,848,520 Partial encryption storage medium
21 7,848,519 Video information recording apparatus and method, video information reproducing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
22 7,848,444 Wireless communication system, wireless communication apparatus, and wireless communication method
23 7,848,427 Apparatus and method for determining motion vector with effective pixel gradient
24 7,848,388 Minimizing estimation time for rake fingers with help of a speed sensor
25 7,848,211 Objective lens apparatus, optical pickup apparatus, and optical disc driving apparatus
26 7,848,192 Data recorder and data recording method, and computer program
27 7,848,183 Information processing device and method, and recording medium for reducing replication time between a source and a destination
28 7,848,029 Retractable zoom lens
29 7,848,028 Variable focal length lens system
30 7,847,857 Imaging device and exposure control method for imaging device
31 7,847,830 System and method for camera metering based on flesh tone detection
32 7,847,829 Image processing apparatus restoring color image signals
33 7,847,822 Sequential regression for calibration from residues
34 7,847,784 Method for driving liquid crystal display assembly
35 7,847,762 Display device and electronic equipment
36 7,847,761 Method for driving display and display
37 7,847,756 Three-dimensional image display apparatus including a rotating two-dimensional display panel
38 7,847,746 Broadband antenna
39 7,847,737 Antenna apparatus
40 7,847,522 Battery device
41 7,847,477 Method of manufacturing display unit and display unit
42 7,847,475 Electron emitter apparatus, a fabrication process for the same and a device utilising the same
43 7,847,233 Method and apparatus for determining changes in physical information incident on a detecting device
44 7,846,582 Negative electrode, battery using the same, and method of manufacturing negative electrode
45 7,846,547 Insulation-coated conductive particle
46 7,846,220 Electrochemical cell and production method thereof
47 7,845,749 Liquid-ejecting method and liquid-ejecting apparatus