Sony patents granted on 07 June 2011

59 US patents granted on 07 June 2011 and assigned to Sony

1 D639,271 Audio system
2 7,958,553 Information storage device, security system, access permission method, network access method and security process execution permission method
3 7,958,520 Disk drive device
4 7,958,519 Recording medium changer
5 7,958,451 Graphical user interface for an information mediation system
6 7,958,435 Packet transmission apparatus, communication system and program
7 7,958,371 Methods and apparatus for secure operating system distribution in a multiprocessor system
8 7,958,366 Information processing system
9 7,958,297 Card-type peripheral device
10 7,958,269 Network camera having network failure recovery
11 7,958,248 Information providing system, information processing apparatus and method, and information providing apparatus and method
12 7,958,211 Automatic configuration of wireless device for router
13 7,958,119 Method for content recommendation
14 7,957,952 Translation block invalidation prehints in emulation of a target system on a host system
15 7,957,625 Image recording apparatus and method, and program for selecting a recording mode independent from the recording aspect ratio
16 7,957,612 Image processing device, method and distribution medium
17 7,957,594 Outline definition apparatus and outline definition method, and image processing apparatus
18 7,957,593 Method and apparatus for processing image, recording medium, and computer program
19 7,957,581 Image processing apparatus and method
20 7,957,564 Authentication apparatus, authentication method and program
21 7,957,541 Acoustic compliance adjuster
22 7,957,537 Information processing system and method using encryption key block
23 7,957,528 Near field registration of home system audio-video device
24 7,957,527 Cryptographic processing apparatus
25 7,957,476 Wireless communicaton apparatus
26 7,957,471 Encoding apparatus and method, decoding apparatus and method, image processing system and method, and recording medium
27 7,957,466 Adaptive area of influence filter for moving object boundaries
28 7,957,290 Radio communication system, radio communication apparatus, and radio communication method
29 7,957,258 Communication device for receiving and transmitting OFDM signals in a wireless communication system
30 7,957,247 Apparatus and method for processing information and program therefor
31 7,957,070 Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
32 7,957,062 Polarizing element and liquid crystal projector
33 7,956,974 Liquid crystal device and electronic apparatus
34 7,956,938 Retardation compensation plate, retardation compensator, liquid crystal display device, and projection-type image display device
35 7,956,922 Viewfinder and image pickup apparatus
36 7,956,920 Transfer pulse generator circuit and image pickup apparatus
37 7,956,919 Method for driving semiconductor device having capacitive load, method and apparatus for driving load, and electronic apparatus
38 7,956,901 Live-view optical system and image capture apparatus
39 7,956,829 Display apparatus
40 7,956,813 Electronic device
41 7,956,776 Arithmetic decoding apparatus
42 7,956,770 Data input device and portable electronic device
43 7,956,677 Semiconductor integrated circuit and power-supply control method
44 7,956,663 Delay circuit, semiconductor control circuit, display device, and electronic device
45 7,956,660 Signal processing device
46 7,956,618 Additional pins on a USB connector
47 7,956,582 Activating batteries based on environmental conditions
48 7,956,537 Display device with cooperating groove and insert sealing structure and manufacturing method therefor
49 7,956,532 Display panel, electronic device, and method of making display panel
50 7,956,380 Semiconductor light-emitting device
51 7,956,276 Method of distributing mashup data, mashup method, server apparatus for mashup data, and mashup apparatus
52 7,956,008 Donor substrate and method of manufacturing display
53 7,955,916 Method for making semiconductor apparatus and semiconductor apparatus obtained by the method, method for making thin film transistor substrate and thin film transistor substrate obtained by the method, and method for making display apparatus and display apparatus obtained by the method
54 7,955,741 Fuel cell, electronic device, movable body, power generation system, and congeneration system
55 7,955,731 Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary cell
56 7,955,727 Battery pack
57 7,955,464 Method of making a shielding device
58 7,955,151 Method of repairing bright spot defect of organic light-emitting display
59 7,955,143 Electric contactor and electronic equipment