Sony patents granted on 07 March 2006

58 US patents granted on 07 March 2006 and assigned to Sony

1 7,010,804 System and method for facilitating TV channel programming
2 7,010,799 Recording and/or reproducing apparatus
3 7,010,761 Controller selectable hyperlinks
4 7,010,737 Method and apparatus for error data recovery
5 7,010,687 Transmission apparatus, reception apparatus, transmission method, reception method and recording medium
6 7,010,685 Method and apparatus for storing scrambled digital programs by filtering product identifier
7 7,010,601 Server reservation method, reservation control apparatus and program storage medium
8 7,010,551 File conversion method, file converter, and file display system
9 7,010,477 Information processing device information processing method, and recording medium
10 7,010,434 Complementary division condition determining method and program and complementary division method
11 7,010,333 Radiotelephone terminal with dual-sided keypad apparatus
12 7,010,216 Data recording and reproducing apparatus having a data transfer device selectively transferring data between multiple data recording and reproducing devices
13 7,010,215 Device and method for compressing images
14 7,010,124 Location dependent key for decrypting copy protected material on a recording medium
15 7,010,051 Coding apparatus, coding method and recording medium having coded program recorded therein, and decoding apparatus, decoding method and recording medium having decoded program recorded therein
16 7,010,022 Spread spectrum receiver
17 7,009,867 Ferroelectric-type nonvolatile semiconductor memory
18 7,009,819 Magnetic reproducing head having a structure to inhibit electrostatic discharge damage to a recording tape
19 7,009,794 Magnetic recording and reproducing device
20 7,009,747 Micro-mirror and a method for fabricating the same
21 7,009,724 Image print system
22 7,009,659 System and method for establishing TV settings
23 7,009,639 Color imaging by independently controlling gains of each of R, Gr, Gb, and B signals
24 7,009,623 Image processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program thereof
25 7,009,579 Transmitting apparatus and method, receiving apparatus and method, transmitting and receiving apparatus and method, record medium and signal
26 7,009,568 Information processing apparatus
27 7,009,460 Method and apparatus for reducing the start time of a VCXO
28 7,009,418 Inspecting method, semiconductor device, and display apparatus
29 7,009,340 Display unit and its manufacturing method
30 7,009,259 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating same
31 7,009,225 Heterojunction bipolar transistor with a base layer that contains bismuth
32 7,009,220 Transferring semiconductor crystal from a substrate to a resin
33 7,009,208 Memory device and method of production and method of use of same and semiconductor device and method of production of same
34 7,008,827 Alloy method using laser irradiation
35 7,008,753 Optical recording medium
36 7,008,727 Solid electrolyte battery
37 7,008,725 Hydrogen-storing carbonaceous material and method for producing the same, hydrogen-stored carbonaceous material and method for producing the same and battery and fuel cell using hydrogen-stored carbonaceous material
38 7,008,713 Fullerene-based proton conductive materials
39 7,008,216 Molding die apparatus, method for molding disc substrate, and disc-shaped recording medium
40 7,008,045 Liquid drop discharger, test chip processor, printer device, method of discharging liquid drop and printing method, method of processing test chip, method of producing organic electroluminescent panel, method of forming conductive pattern, and method of producing field emission display
41 7,007,850 Bar code reading apparatus, moving mirror for bar code reading apparatus, and manufacturing thereof
42 7,007,845 Laser emitting module, window cap, laser pointer, and light emitting module
43 D516,619 Printer
44 D516,602 Camera
45 D516,601 Camera
46 D516,600 Video camera
47 D516,597 Video camera
48 D516,579 Combined audio player and hard disc drive
49 D516,578 Combined audio and visual recorder/player and hard disc drive
50 D516,577 Combined audio and visual recorder/player and hard disc drive
51 D516,552 Computer
52 D516,544 Speaker box
53 D516,539 Combined disc player, radio receiver and tape recorder
54 D516,538 Combined disc player and radio receiver
55 D516,537 Combined audio player and radio receiver
56 D516,532 Portable clamshell communications device with camera
57 D516,503 Battery
58 D516,443 GPS receiver