Sony patents granted on 07 October 2008

63 US patents granted on 07 October 2008 and assigned to Sony

1 D578,126 Computer
2 D578,125 Computer
3 D578,121 Adaptor for memory card
4 D578,113 Speaker
5 D578,112 Speaker
6 D578,107 Speaker box
7 D578,106 Speaker box
8 D578,105 Speaker box
9 D578,103 Speaker box
10 D578,087 Television receiver
11 D578,085 Television receiver
12 7,434,266 Reproducing apparatus and method, and disk reproducing apparatus
13 7,434,265 Information signal recording/reproducing system, information signal recording device, information signal reproducing device and information signal recording/reproducing process
14 7,434,245 Electronic program guide system using images of reduced size to identify respective programs
15 7,434,168 Method and apparatus for sending E-mail, method and apparatus for receiving E-mail, sending/receiving method and apparatus for E-mail, sending program supplying medium, receiving program supplying medium and sending/receiving program supplying medium
16 7,434,137 Retransmission ordering method, wireless communication system, receiver and transmitter
17 7,434,077 Power control apparatus, electronic apparatus, and portable communications terminal
18 7,434,075 Portable information processing apparatus and method of the same
19 7,434,055 Recording medium, recording method of recording medium, recording and/or reproducing method of recording medium, and data copy control method
20 7,433,927 Network system, network control method, and signal sender/receiver
21 7,433,867 Information processing apparatus, information delivery system, information processing method, and recording medium
22 7,433,833 Information service method for purchasing utilizing a remote control
23 7,433,699 Information processing system and information processing method
24 7,433,651 Information processing apparatus and information processing method having communication function
25 7,433,580 Information processing apparatus, information managing method and medium
26 7,433,579 Recording and reproducing apparatus and reproduction processing method
27 7,433,544 Apparatus and method for producing thumbnail images and for improving image quality of re-sized images
28 7,433,541 Image synthesizing apparatus and method
29 7,433,531 Image pickup apparatus and method
30 7,433,489 Method to ensure temporal synchronization and reduce complexity in the detection of temporal watermarks
31 7,433,488 Information recording medium drive device, information processing apparatus, data replay control system, data replay control method, and computer program
32 7,433,476 Automatic gain control
33 7,433,470 Cryptographic processing apparatus, cryptographic processing method, and computer program
34 7,433,424 Signal receiving apparatus and method and recording medium
35 7,433,288 Recording device and method, recording medium and program
36 7,433,281 Address information recording apparatus and method, and address information reproducing apparatus and method
37 7,433,276 Domain wall displacement detection system magneto-optical recording medium and its manufacturing method
38 7,433,220 Two variable resistance elements being formed into a laminated layer with a common electrode and method of driving the same
39 7,433,145 Magnetic disk apparatus
40 7,433,140 Recording and playback apparatus, recording controlling method, and recording medium
41 7,433,136 Lens unit and imaging device
42 7,433,131 Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
43 7,433,126 Illuminating optical device in image display device and image display device
44 7,432,979 Interlaced to progressive scan image conversion
45 7,432,966 Image data correcting method and imaging device
46 7,432,964 Solid-state imaging device with plural CDS circuits per column sharing a capacitor and/or clamping transistor
47 7,432,931 Apparatus and method for processing image signal and image display apparatus utilizing the same
48 7,432,906 Timing generation circuit for display apparatus and display apparatus incorporating the same
49 7,432,900 Liquid crystal display drive method
50 7,432,889 Active matrix type display apparatus, active matrix type organic electroluminescence display apparatus, and driving methods thereof
51 7,432,885 Active matrix display
52 7,432,860 Multi-band antenna for GSM, UMTS, and WiFi applications
53 7,432,760 Digital amplifier apparatus and method of muting digital amplifier apparatus
54 7,432,718 Electronic device and method of controlling same
55 7,432,493 Solid-state image-pickup device with column-line amplifiers and limiter
56 7,432,165 Semiconductor memory device, semiconductor device, and method for production thereof
57 7,432,019 Solid electrolyte battery
58 7,432,014 Anode and battery
59 7,432,010 Battery
60 7,431,475 Radiator for light emitting unit, and backlight device
61 7,431,465 Apparatus and method to display images from projection device mounted in vertical position
62 7,431,430 Liquid ejecting head having selectively controlled heat-energy evolving element regions
63 7,431,216 Methods for presenting parameter status information and related portable electronic devices and parameters