Sony patents granted on 08 April 2014

71 US patents granted on 08 April 2014 and assigned to Sony

1 8,695,080 Information terminal apparatus, information processing apparatus and information communication system
2 8,695,050 Multicasting system and multicasting method
3 8,695,037 Content navigator graphical user interface system and method
4 8,695,035 Information processing apparatus
5 8,694,917 Mobile information communication terminal program and recording medium containing the program
6 8,694,896 Online story collaboration
7 8,694,809 Dedicated power supply apparatus, terminal, power supply system, and power supply method
8 8,694,672 Method and system for transferring files using file transfer protocols for palm OS mobile computer
9 8,694,671 Isochronous transmission of audio data using mute data
10 8,694,656 System and method for creating a viewing social network
11 8,694,641 Image delivery management server and image delivery management system
12 8,694,613 Client device, information processing method, and information processing system
13 8,694,567 Method and apparatus for arithmetic operation on a value represented in a floating-point format
14 8,694,495 Information processing device, information processing terminal, information processing method, and program
15 8,694,447 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
16 8,694,139 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, information processing system, and information processing program
17 8,694,062 Electronic devices having multiple keypads and related methods
18 8,694,028 Communication terminal apparatus and computer program
19 8,693,851 Reproduction apparatus, reproduction method, recording method, program and data structure
20 8,693,847 Contents processing apparatus and method
21 8,693,845 Information processing apparatus, information recording medium, and information processing method, and program
22 8,693,843 Information processing apparatus, method, and program
23 8,693,839 Image recording apparatus and image recording control method
24 8,693,799 Image processing apparatus for emphasizing details of an image and related apparatus and methods
25 8,693,775 Image processing apparatus, method, recording medium, and program
26 8,693,693 Information processing apparatus, content providing system, information processing method, and computer program
27 8,693,565 Method and device for transmitting and receiving signal in wireless communication system
28 8,693,550 Coding device and method, decoding device and method, recording medium, and program
29 8,693,298 Recording apparatus and recording method
30 8,693,239 Memory element and memory device
31 8,693,234 Memory unit and method of operating the same
32 8,693,107 Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
33 8,693,044 Dynamic print image preview based on user selected image data
34 8,692,962 Diffusion sheet and method of manufacturing the same, backlight, and liquid crystal display device
35 8,692,946 Display apparatus
36 8,692,945 Light barrier device and display unit
37 8,692,941 Receiving apparatus
38 8,692,931 Camera module
39 8,692,921 Imaging apparatus and display apparatus capable of changing the angle of a display unit
40 8,692,914 Image sensor
41 8,692,907 Image capturing apparatus and image capturing method
42 8,692,901 Method, apparatus, and program for processing an image
43 8,692,899 Imaging apparatus with an input/output unit and a lens moving mechanism
44 8,692,881 System and method for correlating camera views
45 8,692,879 Image capturing system, image capturing device, information processing device, and image capturing method
46 8,692,800 Coordinate detection apparatus and display apparatus
47 8,692,748 Display device, driving method thereof, and electronic apparatus
48 8,692,744 Display device and electronic equipment
49 8,692,713 Receiving device, receiving method, computer program, and portable terminal
50 8,692,708 Radiometric imaging device and corresponding method
51 8,692,677 Wake-up assisting apparatus and wake-up assisting method
52 8,692,455 Display device and method for production thereof
53 8,692,347 Solid-state imaging device and method of manufacturing solid-state imaging device
54 8,692,341 Storage element and storage device
55 8,692,303 Solid-state imaging device, electronic device, and manufacturing method for solid-state imaging device
56 8,692,256 Display unit and substrate for display unit
57 8,692,255 Semiconductor element, method for manufacturing same, display device, and electronic device
58 8,692,231 Functional molecular element and functional molecular device
59 8,691,686 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, semiconductor device, and electronic apparatus
60 8,691,637 Solid-state image pickup device and method of manufacturing same
61 8,691,601 Semiconductor device and penetrating electrode testing method
62 8,691,559 Micro channel, device for recovering nucleic acid and method for recovering nucleic acid
63 8,691,434 Magnesium ion-containing non-aqueous electrolyte and a production process thereof, as well as electrochemical device
64 8,691,412 Battery pack
65 8,691,411 Battery pack and wiring substrate
66 8,691,392 Junctions comprising molecular bilayers for the use in electronic devices
67 8,691,163 Sample solution introduction kit and sample solution injector
68 8,691,039 Method and device for thermocompression bonding
69 8,690,411 Backlight device, light source device, lens, electronic apparatus and light guide plate
70 8,690,397 Optical package element, display device, and electronic apparatus
71 8,689,435 Mounting system for mounting electronic components