Sony patents granted on 08 December 2015

54 US patents granted on 08 December 2015 and assigned to Sony

1 9,210,686 Radio communication device, base station, method for radio communication, program and radio communication system
2 9,210,681 Wireless communication system, terminal, message sending method, and program for allowing terminal to execute the method
3 9,210,637 Method, apparatus and system for cell handover in communication system supporting carrier aggregation
4 9,210,554 Wireless communication apparatus, communication system and control method of wireless communication apparatus
5 9,210,539 Position estimating apparatus, position estimating method, and computer program product
6 9,210,468 System and method for effectively implementing a stroboscopic visual effect
7 9,210,465 Communication system, transmitter, receiver, communication method, program, and communication cable
8 9,210,459 Operation terminal, electronic unit, and electronic unit system
9 9,210,458 Receiving audio/video content
10 9,210,438 Logical intra mode naming in HEVC video coding
11 9,210,428 Apparatus and method of adaptive block filtering of target slice
12 9,210,407 Image processing apparatus and method, and program
13 9,210,395 Image processing device and image processing method
14 9,210,382 Method and apparatus for protecting the transfer of data
15 9,210,353 Electronic equipment, control information transmission and reception methods having bidirectional communication using predetermined lines
16 9,210,348 Solid-state imaging device, imaging apparatus, and method of driving the solid-state imaging device
17 9,210,340 Imaging apparatus
18 9,210,338 Image processing device and image processing method, and program
19 9,210,328 Controller for photographing apparatus and photographing system
20 9,210,320 Image pickup apparatus, control method for the same, and program thereof
21 9,210,215 Distribution system and method of distributing content files
22 9,210,017 Reception device, reception method, and program
23 9,209,968 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
24 9,209,931 Device and method for transmission, device and method for reception, and program
25 9,209,890 Relay station, relay method, and wireless communication device
26 9,209,570 Connector, cable, transmission device, reception device, and manufacturing method of connector
27 9,209,480 Secondary battery containing a nonaqueous electrolyte with a sulfonic anhydride and an aromatic compound
28 9,209,217 Image pickup element and image pickup device
29 9,208,872 Semiconductor device and information reading method
30 9,208,795 Frequency band extending device and method, encoding device and method, decoding device and method, and program
31 9,208,763 Method, apparatus and software for providing user feedback
32 9,208,726 Pixel circuit, display device, driving method of pixel circuit, and driving method of display device
33 9,208,697 Information display device, information display method, and program
34 9,208,633 Information processing device, information processing method and program
35 9,208,615 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program for facilitating an input operation by a user in response to information displayed in a superimposed manner on a visual field of the user
36 9,208,614 Wearable display system that displays previous runners as virtual objects on a current runner’s path
37 9,208,570 System and method for performing depth estimation by utilizing an adaptive kernel
38 9,208,455 Wireless terminal device, communication system, and control method of wireless terminal device
39 9,208,441 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
40 9,208,427 Contactless communication medium, antenna pattern arrangement medium, communication apparatus, and communication method
41 9,208,405 Systems and methods for digital image analysis
42 9,208,372 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program, and electronic appliance
43 9,208,227 Electronic apparatus, reproduction control system, reproduction control method, and program therefor
44 9,208,205 Information processing device and program
45 9,207,864 Method and apparatus for area-efficient graphical user interface
46 9,207,781 Input apparatus, control system, handheld apparatus, and calibration method
47 9,207,718 Portable electronic device
48 9,207,520 Projector apparatus having a foldable filter device
49 9,207,455 Electronic correction based on eye tracking
50 9,207,444 Focusing device, focusing method, focusing program and microscope
51 9,207,426 Imaging apparatus and imaging signal correcting method
52 9,207,160 Apparatus and microchip for sorting micro particles
53 9,205,559 Robot apparatus, method of controlling robot apparatus, and computer program
54 9,204,808 Device for monitoring and/or improving the efficiency of physical training