Sony patents granted on 08 July 2008

33 US patents granted on 08 July 2008 and assigned to Sony

1 D572,678 Monitor television receiver
2 D572,677 Frame for television receiver
3 D572,676 Frame for television receiver
4 7,398,544 Configurable cableCARD
5 7,398,527 Dispatching application steps of an application running on an application server in a client/server environment
6 7,398,526 Information processing method, inter-task communication method, and computer-executable program for the same
7 7,398,373 System and method for processing complex computer instructions
8 7,398,368 Atomic operation involving processors with different memory transfer operation sizes
9 7,398,344 Plural interfaces in home network with first component having a first host bus width and second component having second bus width
10 7,398,275 Efficient binary coding scheme for multimedia content descriptions
11 7,398,251 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving a decoding key encoded with specific information to decode encrypted information of a record medium
12 7,398,113 Portable wireless apparatus
13 7,398,009 Method and apparatus for managing video storage
14 7,398,007 Data recording and reproducing method and apparatus for adding synchronization data during recording and detecting synchronization data during reproduction
15 7,397,971 Image generating method and image generating apparatus
16 7,397,920 Information processing device and method, and recording medium
17 7,397,872 Automatic gain control circuit and method thereof and demodulation apparatus using the same
18 7,397,852 Image processing apparatus and method, and image processing program
19 7,397,841 Wide band communication reception apparatus and method
20 7,397,748 Optical recording medium, recording method and apparatus for optical recording medium and reproducing method and apparatus
21 7,397,744 Recording and/or reproducing method and apparatus
22 7,397,613 Lens device and imaging apparatus
23 7,397,572 Printer having selectable printing parameters and a method therefor
24 7,397,512 Information signal processing apparatus, picture information converting apparatus, and picture displaying apparatus
25 7,397,507 Method and apparatus for processing a pixel signal
26 7,397,499 Image pickup device and chromatic aberration correction method
27 7,397,490 Image forming apparatus and method
28 7,397,441 Antenna element for a portable communication device
29 7,397,198 Fluorescent lamp driver and liquid crystal display apparatus
30 7,397,091 SiGe nickel barrier structure employed in a CMOS device to prevent excess diffusion of nickel used in the silicide material
31 7,396,794 Gas diffusive electrode body and method of manufacturing the same as well as electrochemical device
32 7,396,613 Battery pack and method for producing same
33 7,396,575 Molding die apparatus, method for disc substrate, and disc-shaped recording medium