Sony patents granted on 08 June 2010

56 US patents granted on 08 June 2010 and assigned to Sony

1 D617,313 Audio visual device
2 D617,296 Mobile phone
3 7,735,110 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program storage medium
4 7,735,084 Communication processing apparatus, communication processing method, and computer program
5 7,735,011 Midi composer
6 7,735,000 Information and content exchange document type definitions to support content distribution
7 7,734,997 Transport hint table for synchronizing delivery time between multimedia content and multimedia content descriptions
8 7,734,946 Transmission/reception system, transmission apparatus and method, reception apparatus and method, transmission/reception apparatus and method, and computer-readable storage medium
9 7,734,935 Data processing method, system and apparatus for processing a variety of demands from a service provider
10 7,734,920 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, information providing medium, information decryption apparatus, and information recording medium
11 7,734,827 Operation of cell processors
12 7,734,786 Method and system for identifying available resources in a peer-to-peer network
13 7,734,698 Methods, systems and computer program products for non-intrusive subsequent provisioning of a mobile terminal
14 7,734,650 Data display server, data display method and program thereof
15 7,734,630 Program, data processing method and data processing apparatus
16 7,734,612 Information search apparatus, information search method, information search program, and graphical user interface
17 7,734,307 Method for operating a near field communication system
18 7,734,247 Configurable serial memory interface
19 7,734,170 Imaging apparatus
20 7,734,163 Sensor mounting structure and image capture apparatus
21 7,734,155 Multimedia home network computer
22 7,734,147 Information recording control apparatus and file recording control method
23 7,734,145 System and method of patching missing digital video packets communicated in an IEEE 1394 compliant implementation
24 7,734,113 Signal processing device, method, and program
25 7,734,107 System and method for performing wavelet-based texture feature extraction and classification
26 7,734,104 Image coding apparatus, image decoding apparatus and image processing system
27 7,734,090 Information processing device and method, and program
28 7,734,086 Reducing ghosting in holographic stereograms
29 7,734,054 Acoustic apparatus, connection polarity determination method, and recording medium
30 7,734,047 Information recording medium, information processing device, information processing method, and computer program
31 7,733,955 Method and apparatus for coding image information, method and apparatus for decoding image information, method and apparatus for coding and decoding image information, and system of coding and transmitting image information
32 7,733,911 Error control in multicast video distribution
33 7,733,749 Beam spot position control device and beam spot position control method, and optical disk recording and reproducing device
34 7,733,747 Information recording or reproducing device and recording or reproducing method
35 7,733,646 Frontal structure of information processing apparatus
36 7,733,636 Keyboard connection configuration and electronic device
37 7,733,425 Automatic picture conditioning based upon user input choosing a video label
38 7,733,381 Image sensing apparatus and method generating electronic mark data based on white balance detections
39 7,733,378 Matching frame rates of a variable frame rate image signal with another image signal
40 7,733,346 FACS solving in motion capture
41 7,733,295 Bi-directional communication system, display apparatus, base apparatus and bi-directional communication method
42 7,733,294 Method and system for wireless transmission
43 7,733,287 Systems and methods for high frequency parallel transmissions
44 7,733,215 System, apparatus and method for supplying electric power, apparatus and method for receiving electric power, storage medium and program
45 7,733,150 Method and apparatus for adaptive clock phase control for LSI power reduction
46 7,732,987 Ultrasonic transducer array and a method for making a transducer array
47 7,732,978 Piezoelectric element driving circuit and pump device
48 7,732,956 Motor
49 7,732,771 Monitoring apparatus
50 7,732,700 Playback device, contents selecting method, contents distribution system, information processing device, contents transfer method, and storing medium
51 7,732,502 Fullerene based proton conductive materials
52 7,732,501 Fullerene based proton conductive materials
53 7,732,097 Battery
54 7,732,078 Non-aqueous electrolyte battery pack comprising a liquid-absorbent composition
55 7,731,656 Image display system, image display device, image display method
56 7,731,556 Flat panel display, method of manufacturing anode panel for the flat panel display, and method of manufacturing cathode panel for the flat panel display