Sony patents granted on 08 March 2011

69 US patents granted on 08 March 2011 and assigned to Sony

1 RE42,204 Information receiving device and method, information release device, and information communication system
2 D633,899 Earphone
3 D633,895 Headphone
4 D633,885 Mobile phone
5 D633,882 Mobile phone
6 D633,881 Television receiver
7 7,904,928 Content delivery system, content delivery apparatus, content recording and reproduction apparatus and content recording and reproduction method, and computer program
8 7,904,902 Client-server bidirectional synchronization via browser plug in for an XM radio system
9 7,904,813 Method for editing video information and editing device
10 7,904,763 Reception device, reception method, information processing device, information processing method, and program
11 7,904,669 Information processing device, image pickup device, information processing method and computer program
12 7,904,650 Data storage apparatus and data reading method
13 7,904,618 Buffer managing method and buffer managing apparatus
14 7,904,577 Data transmission protocol and visual display for a networked computer system
15 7,904,534 Network topology aware configuration of network addresses in wireless personal area networks
16 7,904,527 System and method for remote servicing of embedded devices
17 7,904,499 Methods and apparatus for carry generation in a binary look ahead system
18 7,904,490 Information processing apparatus and method, program, and recording medium
19 7,904,390 Management system and management method for charging object apparatus, management apparatus and charging object apparatus
20 7,904,301 Processing digital data
21 7,904,237 Electronic device and electronic device operation control method
22 7,904,078 Mobile peer-to-peer networks
23 7,903,964 Imaging apparatus with rotatable grip and monitor portions
24 7,903,963 Image capturing apparatus, image capturing method, and program
25 7,903,947 Recording apparatus and method, playback apparatus and method, recording medium, and computer-readable medium for recording and playing back moving images
26 7,903,929 Optical display for portable electronic device
27 7,903,927 Editing apparatus and control method thereof, and program and recording medium
28 7,903,896 Image processing method, image processing apparatus and computer-readable medium for correcting an image
29 7,903,890 Image processing device, learning device, and coefficient generating device and method
30 7,903,829 Microphone
31 7,903,826 Headset with ambient sound
32 7,903,804 System and method for managing multiple codes for a telephone number
33 7,903,760 Digital modulation circuit and method as well as digital demodulation circuit and method
34 7,903,713 Multi-beam semiconductor laser
35 7,903,591 Information processing system, information processor, information processing method, receiver, receiving method, and program
36 7,903,522 Mastering device, disc manufacturing method, disc-shaped recording medium, disc reproduction device, and disc reproduction method
37 7,903,504 Method and apparatus for recording data tracks into large storage device
38 7,903,362 Recording apparatus, server apparatus, recording method, program, and storage medium
39 7,903,340 Anti-glare film, method for manufacturing the same, and display device using the same
40 7,903,220 Liquid crystal display device and electronic apparatus
41 7,903,219 Liquid crystal display device
42 7,903,216 Liquid crystal device having a stripe-shaped dielectric protrusion in the transmissive display area and a circular dielectric protrusion in the reflective display area
43 7,903,212 Reflex liquid crystal display device, display apparatus, projection optical system, and projection display system
44 7,903,174 Broadcasting data receiving apparatus
45 7,903,160 Data transfer circuit, solid-state imaging device and camera
46 7,903,148 Apparatus, method, and computer program for processing image, and recording medium storing the computer program
47 7,903,112 Drawing processing apparatus, texture processing apparatus, and tessellation method
48 7,903,107 Adaptive refresh rate features
49 7,903,100 Image display apparatus, image display method, and signal processing apparatus
50 7,903,082 Control device and control method, and planar light source and control method of planar light source
51 7,903,057 Display apparatus and driving method therefor
52 7,903,032 Antenna for a communication terminal
53 7,903,002 Electronic device having vibration input recognition and method
54 7,902,754 Display device and method of manufacturing display device
55 7,902,697 Power transfer apparatus with fluid transferring power to functional modules
56 7,902,672 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing same
57 7,902,623 Solid-state imaging device
58 7,902,622 Solid-state imaging device
59 7,902,610 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same
60 7,902,578 Solid-state imaging device, electronic module and electronic apparatus
61 7,902,535 Functional molecular element
62 7,902,447 Automatic composition of sound sequences using finite state automata
63 7,901,822 Fuel cell and voltage supply method
64 7,901,768 Multilayer anisotropic conductive adhesive and connection structure using the same
65 7,901,600 Method for producing an optical sheet
66 7,901,087 Projector and control method thereof
67 7,901,086 Optical unit, light processing unit, light processing method, illumination unit and image generation unit
68 7,900,825 Electronic money system and transaction method using the same
69 7,900,348 Method of manufacturing an electronic component substrate