Sony patents granted on 08 May 2012

71 US patents granted on 08 May 2012 and assigned to Sony

1 RE43,377 Data transfer apparatus and data transfer method
2 D659,153 Mobile phone with graphical user interface
3 D659,131 Mobile phone
4 D659,125 Earphone
5 D659,116 Headset
6 8,176,565 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer program
7 8,176,514 Expanded playlist for TV video player
8 8,176,481 Methods and apparatus for distributing software applications
9 8,176,402 Decoding apparatus, decoding method, and decoding program
10 8,176,305 Information processing apparatus, activation method, and program
11 8,176,244 Information processing device, information recording medium, information processing method and computer program
12 8,176,199 Content delivery system, communicating apparatus, communicating method, and program
13 8,176,118 Server device, client device, information processing system, information processing method, and program
14 8,176,073 Imaging device
15 8,176,065 System and method for automatic selection of digital photo album cover
16 8,176,059 System and method for effectively implementing a personal channel for interactive television
17 8,175,988 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
18 8,175,976 Method for providing and obtaining content
19 8,175,730 Device and method for analyzing an information signal
20 8,175,571 Communication equipment and communication system
21 8,175,561 Automatic optimization of RF receiver interference performance
22 8,175,531 Information processing apparatus and information processing method having communication function
23 8,175,529 Information processing apparatus, and method and information processing system
24 8,175,408 Image signal processing apparatus, image pickup apparatus, image signal processing method, and computer program product
25 8,175,344 Fingerprint matching processor
26 8,175,340 Map information display apparatus, map information display method, and program
27 8,175,335 Content adaptive detection of images with stand-out object
28 8,175,317 Audio reproducing apparatus and audio reproducing method
29 8,175,316 Ear speaker device
30 8,175,303 Electronic apparatus for vehicle, and method and system for optimally correcting sound field in vehicle
31 8,175,273 Quantum cryptography communication method, quantum cryptography communication apparatus, and quantum cryptography communication system
32 8,175,204 Receiving device, signal processing method, and program
33 8,175,162 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
34 8,175,142 Odd-even interleaving while changing the operating mode in a digital video broadcasting (DVB) standard
35 8,175,128 Semiconductor laser element and semiconductor laser device
36 8,175,116 Multiprocessor system for aggregation or concatenation of packets
37 8,175,109 Beaconless communication system
38 8,174,947 Evaluation apparatus and evaluation method
39 8,174,745 Optical unit, method for controlling drive, and holographic apparatus
40 8,174,643 Light guide plate, display device, and electronic apparatus with display
41 8,174,640 Illumination apparatus and liquid crystal display apparatus
42 8,174,633 Display device
43 8,174,619 Reception apparatus and method of controlling image output by reception apparatus
44 8,174,615 Method for converting an image and image conversion unit
45 8,174,613 Substrate mounting structure for a camera device
46 8,174,598 Solid state image capture device and camera system
47 8,174,597 Solid-state imaging device and signal processing system
48 8,174,587 Imaging apparatus, integrated circuit for image pickup device and image data processing method
49 8,174,582 Drive device and image pickup apparatus
50 8,174,571 Apparatus for processing images, apparatus for processing reproduced images, method of processing images, and method of processing reproduced images
51 8,174,565 Three-dimensional image display system
52 8,174,561 Device, method and program for creating and displaying composite images generated from images related by capture position
53 8,174,549 Image forming apparatus, surface property reforming sheet, and method for forming image
54 8,174,527 Environment mapping
55 8,174,511 Touch panel display, electronic apparatus and playing apparatus
56 8,174,495 Electronic apparatus
57 8,174,489 Dual-sided display for mobile device
58 8,174,487 Display unit and backlight unit
59 8,174,466 Display device and driving method thereof
60 8,174,420 Video encoding apparatus and method having output restriction function
61 8,174,271 Capacitance change measuring circuit of capacitive sensor device, capacitive sensor module, method of measuring capacitance change of capacitive sensor device, and electronic device
62 8,173,842 Multifunctional linker molecules for tuning electronic charge transport through organic-inorganic composite structures and uses thereof
63 8,173,479 Solid-state imaging device, production method of the same, and imaging apparatus
64 8,173,299 Anode and battery
65 8,173,297 Electrolytic solution containing an acyl halide and battery containing same
66 8,172,680 Information processing system for capturing operations, transferring data and performing remote operations
67 8,172,658 Methods, devices, and computer program products for participating in an athletic event with a remotely-located competitor using a mobile terminal
68 8,172,656 Attribute-driven gameplay
69 8,172,367 Liquid-ejecting method and liquid-ejecting apparatus
70 8,171,792 Inertia sensor and inertia detector device
71 8,171,664 Configurable computer display stand bearing signage with a user-selected one of multiple orientations to physically conform to point of sale physical constraints