Sony patents granted on 08 September 2009

37 US patents granted on 08 September 2009 and assigned to Sony

1 7,587,731 Program guide information providing device, program device information providing system, information receiving device, remote operating system, and method thereof
2 7,587,683 Display method, portable terminal device, and display program
3 7,587,681 Method and apparatus for presenting information
4 7,587,673 Information processing apparatus, method and program
5 7,587,597 Data transmission system
6 7,587,593 Electronic device and method for updating authentication reference information
7 7,587,545 Shared memory device
8 7,587,419 Video metadata data structure
9 7,587,406 Information processor, information processing method, program and recording medium
10 7,587,382 Information processing apparatus and information processing method, recording medium, and program
11 7,587,338 Community service offering apparatus, community service offering method, program storage medium, and community system
12 7,587,197 Method and system for maintaining anonymity of a mobile radio terminal
13 7,587,123 Method of processing data, system of the same and video recording system
14 7,587,100 Masking tool
15 7,587,069 Weak hypothesis generation apparatus and method, learning apparatus and method, detection apparatus and method, facial expression learning apparatus and method, facial expression recognition apparatus and method, and robot apparatus
16 7,586,893 Radio communication system, radio communication control method, radio communication apparatus, control method for radio communication apparatus, and computer readable medium utilizing a divided transmission frame
17 7,586,833 Magneto-optical recording medium
18 7,586,816 Playback apparatus and layer jump method
19 7,586,705 Magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus and magnetic recording/reproducing method
20 7,586,682 Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
21 7,586,631 Image quality correction method, image data processing device, data storing/reproducing method, data batch-processing system, data processing method, and data processing system
22 7,586,548 Stand-by power supply shutdown at power on
23 7,586,547 Video signal switching apparatus and control method therefor
24 7,586,543 System and method for overlay of a motion video signal on an analog video signal
25 7,586,502 Control of data processing
26 7,586,487 Solid state imaging apparatus and method for driving the same
27 7,586,460 Dongle device with integrated antenna assembly
28 7,586,431 Method and apparatus for AD conversion, semiconductor device for detecting distribution of physical quantity, and electronic apparatus
29 7,586,355 Low skew clock distribution tree
30 7,586,272 Cold cathode fluorescent lamp, cold cathode fluorescent lamp driving apparatus, cold cathode fluorescent lamp apparatus, liquid crystal display apparatus, control method for cold cathode fluorescent lamp, and control method for liquid crystal display apparatus
31 7,585,591 Battery including rolled electrodes and straight lead terminals
32 7,585,576 Magnetic recording medium with dual magnetic layers including specific resins
33 7,585,252 Personal training device using multi-dimensional spatial audio
34 7,585,178 Connector arrangement of multiple independently operable electrical connectors
35 D599,811 Computer generated image for panel or screen
36 D599,777 Headphone
37 D599,756 Television receiver