Sony patents granted on 09 April 2013

69 US patents granted on 09 April 2013 and assigned to Sony

1 D679,703 Computer
2 D679,702 Computer
3 D679,682 Earphone
4 D679,610 Digital calendar device
5 8,418,203 Transmission method and receiving device of program guide information including a control signal
6 8,418,199 Internet downloaded programmable recording device
7 8,418,193 Information processing terminal, information processing method, and program
8 8,418,063 Aiding device in creation of content involving image display according to scenario and aiding method therein
9 8,417,957 Content distribution system, content distribution method, and client terminal
10 8,417,948 Computer scripting engine to extract and execute steganographically hidden scripts in carrier scripts
11 8,417,841 Communication system, host device, and terminal device
12 8,417,687 File processing apparatus, file processing method, program and recording medium
13 8,417,571 Information processing server, and information processing method
14 8,417,384 Information processing system, robot apparatus, and control method therefor
15 8,417,284 Location notification method, location notification system, information processing apparatus, wireless communication apparatus and program
16 8,417,265 Wireless communication device with navigation functions for accurately detecting orientation by a geomagnetism sensor and displaying maps with the current orientation
17 8,417,184 Communication system, communication method, and data processing apparatus
18 8,417,109 Photographing device and photographing control method
19 8,417,107 Image pickup apparatus and lens position adjustment method
20 8,417,097 Screen recording device, screen recording method, and information storage medium
21 8,417,086 Data recording apparatus, data transfer method, data transfer program and recording medium, and data transfer system
22 8,417,067 Imaging apparatus, image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer program
23 8,417,064 Image processing device and method, program and recording medium
24 8,416,999 Image-capturing apparatus and method, expression evaluation apparatus, and program
25 8,416,998 Information processing device, information processing method, and program
26 8,416,996 Image-capturing apparatus and method, expression evaluation apparatus, and program
27 8,416,993 Object boundary accurate motion detection using hierarchical block splitting and motion segmentation
28 8,416,989 Image processing apparatus, image capture apparatus, image processing method, and program
29 8,416,949 Actor node, sensor node, coverage block change method, parameter change method, program, and information processing system
30 8,416,852 Video signal coding system and method of coding video signal for network transmission, video output apparatus, and signal conversion apparatus
31 8,416,671 Recording apparatus
32 8,416,658 Recording apparatus and recording method for data and file system information
33 8,416,656 Reproducing method and reproducing apparatus
34 8,416,654 Optical disc drive apparatus, optical pickup control method and program
35 8,416,653 Disc access apparatus and disc access method
36 8,416,652 Operation device, video playback device, and operation information output method
37 8,416,612 Memory and data processing method
38 8,416,602 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
39 8,416,504 Optical device and housing
40 8,416,480 Hologram reproducing apparatus, hologram reproducing method, and phase modulating element
41 8,416,374 Liquid crystal display
42 8,416,343 Signal processing apparatus and method, program, and recording medium
43 8,416,338 Imaging device and imaging method
44 8,416,337 Image process apparatus and method for processing a color image signal
45 8,416,332 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
46 8,416,326 Method and apparatus for processing a pixel signal
47 8,416,308 Image processing device, camera motion component calculation method, image processing program, and recording medium
48 8,416,303 Imaging apparatus and imaging method
49 8,416,286 Image signal processing device, three-dimensional image display device, three-dimensional image transmission/display system, and image signal processing method
50 8,416,285 Stereoscopic image display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
51 8,416,264 Method and device for optimizing an image displayed on a screen
52 8,416,247 Increasing the number of advertising impressions in an interactive environment
53 8,416,222 Driving apparatus
54 8,416,212 Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus
55 8,416,204 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
56 8,416,190 Operation device, information processing system, and information processing method
57 8,416,184 Information processing apparatus, information processing method and program
58 8,416,183 Surface light source device and display device
59 8,415,834 Power feeding system, power feeder, power-receiving equipment, and positioning control method
60 8,415,725 Solid-state imaging device and camera
61 8,415,706 Optical semiconductor package sealing resin material
62 8,415,686 Display unit, method of manufacturing same, organic light emitting unit, and method of manufacturing same
63 8,415,658 Organic electroluminescence device, display unit including the same, and method of manufacturing an organic electroluminescence device
64 8,415,602 Solid-state imaging device and electronic apparatus having an element isolator in a semiconductor substrate
65 8,415,558 Dye sensitization photoelectric converter
66 8,415,196 Method for forming semiconductor thin film and method for manufacturing thin-film semiconductor device
67 8,415,195 Method for manufacturing solar cell module
68 8,415,045 Electronic appliance secondary battery
69 8,413,355 Solid state image pick-up device having lower well regions for device separation with higher implantation energy