Sony patents granted on 09 August 2016

39 US patents granted on 09 August 2016 and assigned to Sony

1 9,414,346 Information processing apparatus, communication system and control method for providing communication services to a communication apparatus
2 9,414,179 Operational control of an apparatus through a terminal device
3 9,414,118 Content provision device, content provision method, program, information storage medium, broadcasting station device, and data structure
4 9,414,117 Information processing apparatus, information processing method and program
5 9,414,089 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
6 9,414,068 Image processing apparatus and method
7 9,414,040 Method and system for assisting language learning
8 9,414,002 Receiving apparatus, receiving method, and program
9 9,414,000 Image pickup apparatus
10 9,413,999 CMOS image sensor implementing correlated double sampling with compression
11 9,413,983 Image display system, display device and display method
12 9,413,929 Intermediate unit and camera system
13 9,413,679 Efficient proximity service discovery resource report and allocation
14 9,413,452 Transmitting apparatus, receiving apparatus, and communication system for formatting data
15 9,413,438 Wireless communication device and wireless communication method
16 9,413,005 Positive electrode active material, method for producing the same, and electrochemical device
17 9,412,997 Battery, battery pack, electronic apparatus, electric vehicle, electrical storage apparatus and electricity system
18 9,412,919 Light source circuit unit, illuminator, and display
19 9,412,791 Solid state imaging element, production method thereof and electronic device
20 9,412,788 Semiconductor device structure useful for bulk transistor and method of manufacturing the same
21 9,412,783 Image pickup unit and image pickup display system
22 9,412,776 Solid-state imaging device and method of manufacturing the same, and imaging apparatus
23 9,412,289 Display unit, drive circuit, drive method, and electronic apparatus
24 9,412,207 Electronic device, time setting method, time setting system and program
25 9,412,202 Client terminal, server, and medium for providing a view from an indicated position
26 9,412,180 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
27 9,412,179 Analyzing system, analyzing program and analyzing method
28 9,412,153 Using depth for recovering missing information in an image
29 9,412,125 Open market content distribution
30 9,411,914 Simulator, processing system, damage evaluation method and damage evaluation program
31 9,411,883 Audio signal processing apparatus and method, and monitoring system
32 9,411,503 Information processing device, information processing method, and information processing program
33 9,411,501 Electronic device and touch operation processing method
34 9,411,483 User interface for processing data by utilizing attribute information on data
35 9,411,425 Input device, input method, and computer program for inputting characters, numbers, or symbols by using an on-screen keyboard
36 9,411,419 Display control device, display control method, and program
37 9,411,410 Information processing device, method, and program for arranging virtual objects on a curved plane for operation in a 3D space
38 9,411,000 Method and system for measuring capacitance difference between capacitive elements
39 9,409,172 Microchip and channel structure for the same