Sony patents granted on 09 December 2008

44 US patents granted on 09 December 2008 and assigned to Sony

1 D582,463 Digital still camera
2 D582,420 Computer
3 D582,393 Speaker
4 7,464,401 Secure web access via an original CD
5 7,464,391 Optical recording medium
6 7,464,271 Systems and methods of providing content protection for digital video products
7 7,464,213 Memory adapter and unit including independent radio circuit and removable memory store
8 7,464,030 Vector search method
9 7,463,877 PLC breaker bridge
10 7,463,820 Data reproducing apparatus and data reproducing method
11 7,463,818 Information recording/playback processor, method, and computer readable medium storing computer executable instructions, with additional data recorded with content data
12 7,463,780 Image encoder, image encoding method, image decoder, and image decoding method
13 7,463,743 Electronic driving circuit for directing an audio signal selectively to one of two speakers
14 7,463,734 Display window cover assemblies and electronic devices and methods using the same
15 7,463,647 Method of and apparatus for providing reserved bandwidth to ethernet devices over switched ethernet including a home network wall plate having a combined IEEE 1394 and ethernet modified hub
16 7,463,632 Transmitter, communication system, and communication method
17 7,463,629 Transmitter, communication system, and communication method
18 7,463,442 Impedance-matched write driver circuit and system using same
19 7,463,430 Diffraction element, objective lens unit, optical pickup, optical disc apparatus and design method for diffraction element
20 7,463,427 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus
21 7,463,305 Photographing assist device and image processing method for achieving simple stereoscopic photographing
22 7,463,304 Remote control accessory for a camera-equipped wireless communications device
23 7,463,302 Focus control device and focus control method
24 7,463,291 Image data processing method, image data processing apparatus and digital still camera
25 7,463,285 Image pickup apparatus and camera-shake correcting method therefor
26 7,463,282 Solid-state image pickup device and clamp control method therefor
27 7,463,274 Image printing apparatus, image printing method, program for an image printing method and recording medium having program of image printing method recorded thereon
28 7,463,265 Constraint schemes for computer simulation of cloth and other materials
29 7,463,116 Micro-resonator, frequency filter and communication apparatus
30 7,463,105 Microresonator, band-pass filter, semiconductor device, and communication apparatus
31 7,463,054 Data bus charge-sharing technique for integrated circuit devices
32 7,463,008 Power supply apparatus with transistor control for constant current between series-connected battery blocks
33 7,462,979 Cold cathode field emission display
34 7,462,892 Semiconductor device
35 7,462,879 Display device and display unit using the same
36 7,462,855 Optical recording and reproducing apparatus, optical head, optical recording and reproducing method and skew detection method
37 7,462,648 Recycle system for used plastic, method of reclaiming used ABS resin and reclaimed ABS resin
38 7,462,575 Catalyst powder, catalyst electrode, and electrochemical device
39 7,462,511 Semiconductor device and the method of producing the same
40 7,462,428 Complementary masks and method of fabrication of same, exposure method, and semiconductor device and method of production of same
41 7,462,422 Positive electrode active material and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell
42 7,462,409 Magnetic recording medium
43 7,462,408 Magnet recording medium
44 7,461,451 Method for manufacturing liquid discharge head