Sony patents granted on 09 December 2014

53 US patents granted on 09 December 2014 and assigned to Sony

1 D719,147 Audio player
2 8,910,226 Transmitting apparatus, transmitting method, receiving apparatus, receiving method, program, and content distribution system
3 8,910,206 Enhanced program metadata on cross-media bar
4 8,909,935 Information processing system
5 8,909,705 Method and system for use in providing network services interchange
6 8,909,694 Transmission apparatus and method, reception apparatus and method, and transmission and reception system
7 8,909,506 Program, information storage medium, information processing system, and information processing method for controlling a movement of an object placed in a virtual space
8 8,909,362 Signal processing apparatus and signal processing method
9 8,909,356 Appliance control device, registration method of appliance control device, and program
10 8,909,308 Antenna swapping methods using a time period that is received from a network, and related wireless electronic devices
11 8,909,168 Integrated circuit and wireless communication apparatus
12 8,909,029 Capturing playback key events in BD players
13 8,908,985 Image processing including encoding information concerning the maximum number of significant digits having largest absolute value of coefficient data in groups
14 8,908,916 Control apparatus, control method, and program to search for a subject and automatically perform image-recording
15 8,908,860 Information processing device, system, and method, including hash value replacement processing and signature verification processing as part of encrypted content playback propriety determination processing
16 8,908,777 Memory request ordering for a motion compensation process, implemented by a picture processing apparatus, a picture processing method, and a picture processing program
17 8,908,755 Multi-parameter motion for efficient prediction in video compression
18 8,908,732 Group-III nitride semiconductor laser device
19 8,908,695 Wireless communication device, program, wireless communication method, and wireless communication system
20 8,908,631 Quality of service traffic recognition and packet classification for home mesh network
21 8,908,488 Optical recording medium
22 8,908,258 Electrophoresis device and display unit
23 8,908,110 Information processing device and computer program
24 8,908,103 Content supplying apparatus, content supplying method, content reproduction apparatus, content reproduction method, program and content viewing system
25 8,908,097 Next generation user interface for audio video display device such as TV
26 8,908,096 Image output method and device, and image display for displays with different aspect ratios
27 8,908,076 Image sensor, imaging apparatus, electronic device, and imaging method
28 8,908,073 Solid-state imaging device and camera system
29 8,908,068 Image pickup device and image pickup unit to form composite image
30 8,908,065 Solid state imaging processing systems and method for providing signal correction of pixel saturation errors
31 8,908,057 Composition determination device, imaging system, composition determination method, and program
32 8,908,055 Apparatus and method for generating high-dynamic-range (HDR) images
33 8,908,025 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
34 8,908,019 System and method for controlling shutters of a shutter glass viewing device
35 8,907,970 Apparatus and method of viewing electronic documents
36 8,907,967 Image processing apparatus, image processing method and program
37 8,907,940 Driving method for organic electroluminescence light emitting section
38 8,907,931 Electronic terminal, input correction method, and program
39 8,907,903 Handing control of an object from one touch input to another touch input
40 8,907,891 Methods and systems for playing video games with a controller having a display that shares content with a main display
41 8,907,875 Pixel circuit, display and driving method thereof
42 8,907,874 Display apparatus
43 8,907,865 Head mounted display and optical position adjustment method of the same
44 8,907,853 Wireless electronic devices with multiple curved antennas along an end portion, and related antenna systems
45 8,907,800 Electronic apparatus and method of controlling electronic apparatus
46 8,907,624 Multi-battery pack battery system with direct communication between controller and the battery packs
47 8,907,618 Contactless cell apparatus
48 8,907,375 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, solid-state imaging device, and solid-state imaging apparatus
49 8,907,331 Display unit and electronic apparatus
50 8,907,262 Solid state imaging device and electronic apparatus having a photoelectric conversion film outside of a semiconductor substrate and dual charge accumulation unit
51 8,906,738 Oxide semiconductor thin film transistor with an aluminum oxide protective film made using a continuous deposition process of aluminum oxide laminated with an aluminum film
52 8,906,517 Organic electroluminescence device
53 8,905,554 Illumination unit having a plurality of light sources including a light source emitting two or more different wavelengths