Sony patents granted on 09 February 2016

34 US patents granted on 09 February 2016 and assigned to Sony

1 RE45,886 Information signal transmission system and remote control device for the same
2 D749,163 Camera
3 D749,085 Display panel or screen with graphical user interface
4 9,258,732 Radio communication control device and radio communication terminal
5 9,258,613 Method and apparatus for manipulating video content
6 9,258,491 Imaging method and imaging device
7 9,258,165 Receiving apparatus, receiving method and program, and receiving system
8 9,258,091 Resource allocation method and device in communication network
9 9,258,012 Compression of state information for data transfer over cloud-based networks
10 9,257,861 Control apparatus and control method
11 9,257,850 Power transmission apparatus, power reception apparatus and power transmission system
12 9,257,739 Antenna device and communication apparatus
13 9,257,663 Organic electroluminescent element and display device
14 9,257,635 Memory element and memory device
15 9,257,574 Diode and method of manufacturing diode
16 9,257,477 Solid-state imaging device and camera module
17 9,257,474 Solid-state image sensor and electronic device
18 9,257,465 Solid-state imaging device and electronic apparatus with increased length of amplifying portion
19 9,257,464 Solid-state image device, method of fabricating the same, and electronic apparatus
20 9,257,395 Semiconductor device
21 9,257,063 Display unit
22 9,256,986 Automated guidance when taking a photograph, using virtual objects overlaid on an image
23 9,256,923 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
24 9,256,877 Method for updating a user profile
25 9,256,796 Terminal device, information processing device, object identifying method, program, and object identifying system
26 9,256,601 Media fingerprinting for social networking
27 9,256,360 Single touch process to achieve dual touch user interface
28 9,256,354 List display apparatus
29 9,256,308 Information processing apparatus and method of manufacturing information processing apparatus
30 9,256,292 Information processing apparatus, information processing method and program to recognize an object from a captured image
31 9,256,284 Information processing apparatus and recording medium
32 9,256,269 Speech recognition system for performing analysis to a non-tactile inputs and generating confidence scores and based on the confidence scores transitioning the system from a first power state to a second power state
33 9,256,069 Image processing apparatus image processing method and program using electrodes contacting a face to detect eye gaze direction
34 9,254,631 Lamination apparatus