Sony patents granted on 09 January 2007

28 US patents granted on 09 January 2007 and assigned to Sony

1 D534,936 Video camera
2 D534,911 Disc drive
3 D534,895 Combined disc player, radio receiver and tape recorder
4 7,162,620 Methods and apparatus for multi-processing execution of computer instructions
5 7,162,409 Diagnostic system, diagnostic device and diagnostic method
6 7,162,316 Coding apparatus and method, decoding apparatus and method, and program storage medium
7 7,162,264 Tunable parasitic resonators
8 7,162,240 Method of controlling a communication terminal having a plurality of functions, communication terminal apparatus, communication control system
9 7,162,213 Transmission method, transmitter, reception method, and receiver
10 7,162,047 Audio reproducing apparatus
11 7,161,979 Digital filter for IQ-generation, noise shaping and neighbor channel suppression
12 7,161,878 Recording apparatus for an optical disk
13 7,161,760 Reproducing apparatus and reproducing method for reproducing data by scanning slant tracks using a plurality of reproducing heads
14 7,161,749 Image pickup apparatus
15 7,161,579 Hand-held computer interactive device
16 7,161,548 Wireless communication apparatus
17 7,161,544 Mobile terminals including a built-in radio frequency test interface
18 7,161,295 Display device with cathode containing lithium
19 7,161,269 Vibration generator and electronic apparatus
20 7,161,214 Reduced gate delay multiplexed interface and output buffer circuit for integrated circuit devices incorporating random access memory arrays
21 7,161,182 Charge separation type heterojunction structure and manufacturing method thereof
22 7,160,766 Field-effect semiconductor device and method for making the same
23 7,160,655 Exposure method using complementary divided mask, exposure apparatus, semiconductor device, and method of producing the same
24 7,160,614 Crystalline superfine particles, complex material, method of manufacturing crystalline superfine particles, inverted micelles, inverted micelles enveloping precursor superfine particles, inverted micelles enveloping crystalline superfine particles, and precursor superfine particles
25 7,160,415 Gel electrolyte battery
26 7,160,032 Electro-optical composite connector, electro-optical composite cable, and network devices using the same
27 7,159,989 Image display device
28 7,159,793 Liquid discharging head and liquid discharging device