Sony patents granted on 09 June 2009

57 US patents granted on 09 June 2009 and assigned to Sony

1 D594,067 Hand held game controller
2 D594,066 Hand held game controller
3 D594,065 Hand held game controller
4 D593,999 Handsfree microphone
5 D593,997 Handsfree earpiece
6 D593,995 Headphone
7 D593,984 Mobile phone
8 D593,975 Television receiver
9 D593,747 Audio case
10 7,546,628 IP address discovery for cable modem in set-top box
11 7,546,626 Information providing system, information processing apparatus, and method
12 7,546,555 Method and apparatus for matching a control with an icon
13 7,546,551 Information processing apparatus, method, and program
14 7,546,492 Remotely repairing files by hierarchical and segmented cyclic redundancy checks
15 7,546,405 Methods and apparatus for dynamic grouping of requestors of resources in a multi-processor system
16 7,546,389 Method and apparatus for processing information and computer program
17 7,546,340 Portable server and portable server system
18 7,546,283 Networked personal video recorder with shared resource and distributed content
19 7,546,188 In-vehicle apparatus and control method of in-vehicle apparatus
20 7,546,144 Mobile wireless communication terminals, systems, methods, and computer program products for managing playback of song files
21 7,546,134 Push-to-talk event triggered location operation in a wireless communication device
22 7,546,130 Methods, devices, and computer program products for providing multiple operational modes in a mobile terminal
23 7,546,118 Coordinated distribution and playback of multimedia programs
24 7,546,038 Method for wireless optical transmission of data and wireless optical data transmission system
25 7,546,030 Autofocus device and method
26 7,546,023 Method and apparatus for protecting broadcast data
27 7,546,021 Content reproduction device and method, recording medium, and program
28 7,545,939 Control 3 signal synthesis
29 7,545,926 Echo and noise cancellation
30 7,545,872 Signal component demultiplexing apparatus, filter apparatus, receiving apparatus, communication apparatus, and communication method
31 7,545,864 Apparatus for encoding and decoding header data in picture signal transmission
32 7,545,862 Adaptive equalizer, decoding device, and error detecting device
33 7,545,837 One-dimensional illumination apparatus and imaging apparatus
34 7,545,832 Radio communication system, transmitting apparatus, receiving apparatus, processing method and program
35 7,545,826 Radio communication system, device and method for radio communication, and computer program
36 7,545,792 Channel allocation method, communication system, and wireless communication apparatus in wireless network
37 7,545,727 Recording medium, recording apparatus, and reading apparatus
38 7,545,670 Dual word line or floating bit line low power SRAM
39 7,545,579 Zoom lens system and image pick-up apparaus
40 7,545,460 Liquid crystal display, optical sheet manufacturing method, and optical sheet
41 7,545,447 Display apparatus having multiple source-dependent display modes
42 7,545,443 Image signal processing apparatus and method
43 7,545,425 Solid-state image pickup device and camera system
44 7,545,417 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and image processing program
45 7,545,411 Solid-state image pickup apparatus, its driving method, and camera system
46 7,545,410 Video camera system having remote commander
47 7,545,408 Image pickup apparatus and image pickup method
48 7,545,383 Information processing system, information processor, information processing method, and program
49 7,545,366 Portable electronic device, method of controlling input operation, and program for controlling input operation
50 7,545,363 User interface controlling apparatus, user interface controlling method, and computer program
51 7,545,350 Active-matrix organic electroluminescent display device
52 7,545,339 Planar antenna apparatus for ultra wide band applications
53 7,545,292 Modulation method and apparatus using alternate tables for translating data
54 7,544,898 Multilayer wiring board, touch panel and manufacturing method of the same
55 7,544,880 Playback mode control device and playback mode control method
56 7,544,004 Lens barrel and image pickup apparatus
57 7,544,002 Optical device