Sony patents granted on 09 June 2015

62 US patents granted on 09 June 2015 and assigned to Sony

1 D731,508 Display panel or screen with a graphical user interface
2 D731,502 Display panel or screen with graphical user interface
3 D731,456 Control unit for earpiece
4 9,055,584 Management server, base station, communication system, and communication method
5 9,055,555 Cellular communication system, network controller and method for obtaining feedback from subscriber communication units
6 9,055,353 Content transmission device, content transmission method, and computer program used therewith
7 9,055,342 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
8 9,055,272 Moving image reproduction apparatus, information processing apparatus, and moving image reproduction method
9 9,055,267 System and method of input processing for augmented reality
10 9,055,265 Accessibility improvement for hearing impaired
11 9,055,256 On screen programming of universal remote control features
12 9,055,248 Infrared imaging system and method of operating
13 9,055,247 Imaging device and camera system including sense circuits to make binary decision
14 9,055,244 Imaging device and camera system with photosensitive conversion element
15 9,055,229 Control circuit, control method of control circuit, and imaging device
16 9,055,228 Imaging device and signal processing method for flicker reduction
17 9,055,188 Screen camera
18 9,055,157 Sound control apparatus, program, and control method
19 9,055,128 Information processing device
20 9,055,116 Presence system, communication terminal, server and computer program product therefor
21 9,054,927 Data processing apparatus and method for use in an interleaver suitable for multiple operating modes
22 9,054,847 Uplink resource allocation to control intercell interference in a wireless communication system
23 9,054,746 Power transmission device, power transmission method, and power transmission system
24 9,054,689 Phase comparison circuit and data receiving unit
25 9,054,481 Cooling device and semiconductor laser device
26 9,054,378 Positive plate material and cell comprising it
27 9,054,374 Cathode active material, method of manufacturing the same and battery
28 9,054,364 Battery, negative electrode for battery, battery pack, electronic apparatus, electric vehicle, electricity storage apparatus and electric power system
29 9,054,331 Organic EL display and method of manufacturing the same
30 9,054,204 Thin-film transistor, method of manufacturing the same, display unit, and electronic apparatus
31 9,054,197 Thin-film transistor, display unit, and electronic apparatus
32 9,054,078 Signal processing device
33 9,054,055 Display and electronic device with color filter having a semi-transmissive region
34 9,054,053 Display device and electronic device
35 9,054,049 Driving substrate and display device
36 9,054,009 Solid-state image pickup device in which charges overflowing a memory during a charge transfer period are directed to a floating diffusion and method of driving same
37 9,053,999 A/D converter, A/D conversion method, solid-state imaging element and camera system
38 9,053,994 Image pickup unit and image pickup display system
39 9,053,985 Semiconductor device having a contact pattern electrically connecting at least three conductive layers
40 9,053,984 Thin-film transistor, display unit, and electronic apparatus
41 9,053,800 Memory element and memory apparatus
42 9,053,739 Information processing apparatus, information processing method and program
43 9,053,709 Control device, control method, and program
44 9,053,666 Display device and electronic apparatus
45 9,053,652 Display control device, display control method, and program
46 9,053,549 Image decoding apparatus, image encoding apparatus, and method and program for image decoding and encoding
47 9,053,383 Recognizing apparatus and method, program, and recording medium
48 9,053,358 Learning device for generating a classifier for detection of a target
49 9,053,347 Memory device, host device, and memory system
50 9,053,148 Destination prediction using text analysis
51 9,053,105 Information search method, information search server, and information search system for providing content based on current progress status of content
52 9,052,813 Information-processing apparatus and programs used in information-processing apparatus
53 9,052,794 Device for displaying movement based on user input and rendering images accordingly
54 9,052,783 Information processing apparatus
55 9,052,765 Method for operating a touch sensitive user interface
56 9,052,751 Visual laser touchpad for mobile telephone and method
57 9,052,582 Illumination device and image display apparatus
58 9,052,546 Illumination unit and display
59 9,052,520 Illumination device and display unit
60 9,052,427 Display and illumination unit
61 9,052,205 Terminal device, information processing method, and program
62 9,050,538 Collision detection and motion simulation in game virtual space