Sony patents granted on 09 March 2010

47 US patents granted on 09 March 2010 and assigned to Sony

1 D611,438 Television receiver
2 D611,406 Portable solar power supply
3 7,676,844 Signal reproducing system
4 7,676,827 Content distribution system, content distribution control apparatus, content distribution control method, content distribution control program and content distribution control program storage medium
5 7,676,819 Disk conveying apparatus
6 7,676,734 Decoding apparatus and method and information processing apparatus and method
7 7,676,722 Multimedia content delivery using pre-stored multiple description coded video with restart
8 7,676,683 Method and system for rebooting a processor in a multi-processor system
9 7,676,670 Power supply control device and method, program, and recording/playback apparatus
10 7,676,579 Peer to peer network communication
11 7,676,531 Methods and apparatus for random number generation
12 7,676,504 Device and method for processing content and an information file related to the content
13 7,676,496 Content management system, content management method and computer program
14 7,676,368 Information processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program for converting text data to audio data
15 7,676,140 Recording apparatus
16 7,676,101 Method and apparatus for compensating for motion prediction
17 7,676,044 Multi-speaker audio system and automatic control method
18 7,675,956 Vertical cavity surface emitting laser and method for manufacturing the same
19 7,675,943 Synchronous play-out of media data packets
20 7,675,939 Transmission apparatus and method, reception apparatus and method, communication system, recording medium, and program
21 7,675,834 Optical pickup for three different types of optical discs and recording and/or reproducing apparatus using same
22 7,675,833 Optical pickup with beam generating and focussing
23 7,675,827 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
24 7,675,824 Optical disc apparatus
25 7,675,664 Recording medium, reproducing apparatus, and reproducing method
26 7,675,555 Recording method, recording apparatus, recording medium, reproduction method, reproduction apparatus and image pickup apparatus
27 7,675,552 Flicker correction method and device, and imaging device
28 7,675,541 Display apparatus and control method
29 7,675,539 Camera control apparatus, camera system, electronic conference system, and camera control method
30 7,675,530 Moving-image reproduction apparatus, moving-image reproduction methods, programs and recording mediums
31 7,675,514 Three-dimensional object display apparatus, three-dimensional object switching display method, three-dimensional object display program and graphical user interface
32 7,675,509 Methods and apparatus for optical wireless communication
33 7,675,468 Portable communication device with ultra wideband antenna
34 7,675,451 Serial-parallel type analog-to-digital converter and analog-to-digital conversion method
35 7,675,249 Apparatus and method for driving backlight unit
36 7,675,235 Plasma display panel
37 7,675,143 Semiconductor element, semiconductor device and mounting board
38 7,675,095 Solid-state imaging device and driving method therefor
39 7,675,053 Memory device comprising a memory layer and a metal chalcogenide ion-source layer
40 7,674,978 Wire harness, lighting device, backlight device, and liquid crystal display device
41 7,674,967 Body movement detecting apparatus and method, and content playback apparatus and method
42 7,674,552 Battery having lithium fluoride/lithium hydroxide coating on anode
43 7,674,544 Fullerene based proton conductive materials
44 7,674,533 Dibenzoanthracene derivatives, organic electroluminescent devices, and display apparatus
45 7,674,181 Game processing
46 7,673,747 Molded pulp container
47 7,673,512 Angular velocity sensor and electronic device