Sony patents granted on 09 May 2006

42 US patents granted on 09 May 2006 and assigned to Sony

1 7,043,750 Set-top box with out-of band modem and cable modem
2 7,043,704 Methods and apparatus for verifying circuit board design
3 7,043,638 Material display
4 7,043,620 Recording medium having recording program recorded therein and recording apparatus and method
5 7,043,556 Content delivering method
6 7,043,542 Information processing method and system for reserving and information processing apparatus having globally unique identification information
7 7,043,464 Method and system for recommending electronic component connectivity configurations and other information
8 7,043,447 Method for facilitating a transaction for purchasable content over an electronic network
9 7,043,425 Model adaptive apparatus and model adaptive method, recording medium, and pattern recognition apparatus
10 7,043,314 Coding apparatus and method, decoding apparatus and method, and program storage medium
11 7,043,276 Portable terminal apparatus and display control program thereof
12 7,043,138 Broadcast receiver and system for performing copy prohibition and timed recording
13 7,043,137 Media editing
14 7,043,136 Program length extending or shortening device and method, and program length adjusting system
15 7,043,091 Method and apparatus for increasing spatial resolution of an image
16 7,043,036 Audio reproducing apparatus
17 7,042,894 Controlling apparatus, record medium, and method for exchanging an information signal among electronic devices
18 7,042,821 Disk drive apparatus for optimum motor control
19 7,042,751 Method to produce data cell region and system region for semiconductor memory
20 7,042,718 Information display apparatus
21 7,042,665 Apparatus and method for reproducing recorded signal
22 7,042,653 Switching mechanism and electronic instrument using the same
23 7,042,637 Image display
24 7,042,627 Image production apparatus, image display apparatus, image display method and optical modulation device adjustment apparatus
25 7,042,546 Method of manufacturing display unit wherein sealing material is extruded from a seam portion between plurality of device substrates
26 7,042,517 Image processing method and image processing apparatus
27 7,042,516 Video signal switching apparatus and control method thereof
28 7,042,514 Reception apparatus and picture data processing method
29 7,042,513 Information signal processing device, information signal processing method, image signal processing device, image signal processing method and image displaying method using it, coefficient kind data generating device and method used therein, and computer readable medium and program
30 7,042,498 Image pickup apparatus, navigation apparatus and IC card
31 7,042,384 Differential amplifier device, 2-stage amplifier device, and analog/digital converter device
32 7,042,364 User programmable portable proximity detector
33 7,042,292 Gain control circuit, and a radio communication apparatus using the same
34 7,041,956 Solid-state image pickup device with non-hydrogen-absorbing waveguide
35 7,041,536 Semiconductor integrated circuit card manufacturing method, and semiconductor integrated circuit card
36 7,041,415 Nonaqueous secondary battery, method for making negative electrode component therefor, and apparatuses for evaluating and making graphite material for negative electrode component
37 7,041,343 Method for providing a substrate structure for oriented neurite outgrowth, substrate structure, and device for monitoring neuron
38 7,041,237 Adhesive and electric device
39 D520,549 Projector
40 D520,503 Linking device
41 D520,489 Combined radio receiver and clock
42 D520,462 Remote controller