Sony patents granted on 09 November 2010

43 US patents granted on 09 November 2010 and assigned to Sony

1 D626,930 Mobile phone
2 7,832,014 System and method for providing content in two formats on one DRM disk
3 7,831,990 Generic adaptation layer for JVT video
4 7,831,988 Selecting apparatus and selecting method
5 7,831,975 Resource managing method, resource managing apparatus, resource managing program and storage medium for managing resource usage rights in a flexible manner
6 7,831,842 Processor for controlling performance in accordance with a chip temperature, information processing apparatus, and method of controlling processor
7 7,831,839 Methods and apparatus for providing a secure booting sequence in a processor
8 7,831,757 Data communication system, portable electronic device, server device, data communication method, and data communication program
9 7,831,666 Managing participants in an online session
10 7,831,557 Transfer apparatus, transfer method, and transfer program
11 7,831,264 Tracking a group of mobile terminals
12 7,831,243 Communications device, system and method for personalized content delivery
13 7,831,143 Electronic device
14 7,831,141 Mobile device with integrated photograph management system
15 7,831,132 Information processing device and program
16 7,831,127 Combining video material and data
17 7,831,086 Image processing device and method, program, program recording medium, data structure, and data recording medium
18 7,831,065 Method for motion estimation
19 7,830,965 Multimedia distributing and/or playing systems and methods using separate resolution-enhancing supplemental data
20 7,830,920 System and method for enhancing audio quality for IP based systems using an AMR payload format
21 7,830,777 System and method for selectively enabling or disabling an optical device using optical blocking material on an energy masked area of the optical device
22 7,830,769 Recording apparatus and recording method
23 7,830,759 Objective lens drive, optical pickup, and optical disc apparatus
24 7,830,758 Optical disk drive and pickup device
25 7,830,615 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus
26 7,830,595 Electro-optical device, electronic apparatus, protective member, and method of manufacturing protective member
27 7,830,570 Device and method for edition of moving picture data
28 7,830,436 Method of controlling semiconductor device, signal processing method, semiconductor device, and electronic apparatus
29 7,830,416 Imaging device with erroneous shake correction prevention due to front curtain shock
30 7,830,410 Information processing system and method, information processing apparatus, image-capturing device and method, recording medium, and program
31 7,830,391 Checkerboard buffer using two-dimensional buffer pages
32 7,830,375 Constraint schemes for computer simulation of cloth and other materials
33 7,830,361 Haptic interface system for video systems
34 7,830,342 Pixel circuit, image display device and drive method for the same, and electronic device
35 7,830,281 Variable-length code decoding apparatus, variable-length code decoding method, and program
36 7,830,121 Battery pack
37 7,829,831 Control of output voltage provided to a flash unit
38 7,829,812 Input device and an electronic device comprising an input device
39 7,829,743 Sulfonium borate complex
40 7,829,346 Method for extracting a biosubstance from hair and hair sampling device useful in the method
41 7,828,992 Composition comprising at least one type of liquid crystal
42 7,828,620 Method of manufacturing tubular carbon molecule and tubular carbon molecule, method of manufacturing field electron emission device and field electron emission device, and method of manufacturing display unit and display unit
43 7,828,617 Display apparatus