Sony patents granted on 09 October 2007

35 US patents granted on 09 October 2007 and assigned to Sony

1 7,281,175 Readout controlling apparatus, reproducing apparatus, recording apparatus, and readout controlling method
2 7,281,090 Data managing method for memory apparatus
3 7,281,035 Server reservation method, reservation control apparatus and program storage medium
4 7,280,961 Pattern recognizing device and method, and providing medium
5 7,280,851 Information processing apparatus and method, and recording medium
6 7,280,808 Wireless communications devices including circuit substrates with partially overlapping conductors thereon coupling power to/from power amplifier systems
7 7,280,748 Recording apparatus, recording method, reproducing apparatus, reproducing method, and record medium
8 7,280,744 Video reproducing apparatus and reproducing method
9 7,280,711 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, information processing system and program thereof
10 7,280,691 Colour correction
11 7,280,661 Data output method and apparatus, data playback method and apparatus, data recording method and apparatus, and data recording and playback method and apparatus
12 7,280,586 Method and apparatus for detecting spread spectrum signal spread code synchronization
13 7,280,563 Multi-carrier signal transmitter and multi-carrier signal receiver
14 7,280,463 Digital FM bandwidth control
15 7,280,461 Optical recording/reproducing medium, stamper for manufacturing optical recording/reproducing medium, and optical recording/reproducing apparatus
16 7,280,457 Optical disc with an improved compound lens
17 7,280,449 Optical head and recording and/or reproducing apparatus
18 7,280,385 Semiconductor memory device
19 7,280,299 Recording method for magnetic recording medium, recording device for magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording medium
20 7,280,290 Movable lens mechanism
21 7,280,152 Coefficient seed data or coefficient data production device used in image display apparatus, method for producing coefficient seed data or coefficient data used in image display apparatus, program therefor, and computer-readable medium for storing the same
22 7,280,121 Image processing apparatus and method of same
23 7,280,110 Display device and method of designing display device
24 7,280,071 Method and apparatus for computing position and velocity of receiver using independently-derived sets of satellites
25 7,279,994 Variable capacitance circuit having on/off switch for variable capacitance function, and voltage controlled oscillator using the variable capacitance circuit
26 7,279,791 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
27 7,279,712 Solid state image pickup device and method of producing solid state image pickup device
28 7,279,024 High purity cobalt, method of manufacturing thereof, and high purity cobalt targets
29 7,278,501 Legged walking robot and motion control method therefor
30 D552,657 Projector
31 D552,601 Remote controller for optical disc player
32 D552,600 Remote controller for optical disc player
33 D552,592 Storage medium
34 D552,591 Storage medium
35 D552,570 Monitor television receiver