Sony patents granted on 10 April 2007

39 US patents granted on 10 April 2007 and assigned to Sony

1 D540,364 Camera housing
2 D540,362 Camera housing
3 D540,319 Computer
4 D540,310 Speaker box
5 D540,309 Speaker box
6 D540,301 Headphone
7 7,203,968 Method and apparatus for selectively executing information recording using a cognizant mode and a non-cognizant mode
8 7,203,965 System and method for home network content protection and copy management
9 7,203,954 IP address discovery for cable modem in set-top box
10 7,203,947 Network object request broker to automatically connect client and server objects in a distributed environment
11 7,203,823 Partial and start-over threads in embedded real-time kernel
12 7,203,819 Program processing device
13 7,203,777 Hard disk unit system used as external storage having conversion unit which is attachable and detachable from hard disk unit
14 7,203,765 System for facilitating protection of information material and method for producing the information material
15 7,203,760 System for distributing content data according to user-set content distribution schedules
16 7,203,702 Information sequence extraction and building apparatus e.g. for producing personalised music title sequences
17 7,203,692 Transcoding between content data and description data
18 7,203,642 Robot control apparatus and method with echo back prosody
19 7,203,415 Recording, reproducing, and recording/reproducing apparatuses for recording input data in a recording medium capable of non-linear access and methods therefor
20 7,203,336 Embedding data in material
21 7,203,327 Apparatus for and method of processing audio signal
22 7,203,250 Frequency analysis method and apparatus, and spectrum spreading demodulation method and apparatus
23 7,203,238 3:2 Pull-down detection
24 7,203,156 Communication system, base station apparatus, communication terminal apparatus and communication method
25 7,203,153 Recording medium, recording device, reproduction device, recording method and reproduction method
26 7,203,147 Storage medium initialization method, and recording and reproducing method and apparatus
27 7,203,141 Recording medium, recording method, recording device, and reproduction method and reproducer
28 7,203,139 Recording medium, recording device, reproduction device, recording method and reproduction method
29 7,203,137 Optical pickup unit and optical disc device
30 7,203,086 Data reading method, data writing method, and semiconductor memory device
31 7,202,975 Printer having image correcting capability
32 7,202,915 Systems, methods, and apparatus for simultaneous viewing of differing video program sources
33 7,202,901 Video camera with stowable monitor having display facing inwardly or outwardly
34 7,202,897 Solid-state image pickup exposure control system and method
35 7,202,892 Image pickup method and apparatus, and image processing method and apparatus for adapting to synthesize a plurality of images
36 7,202,820 Wide band antenna
37 7,202,773 Authentication information communication system and method, portable information processing device and program furnishing medium
38 7,202,633 Driving circuit for field effect transistor
39 7,201,980 Fuel cell apparatus and method for feeding a fuel for fuel cell