Sony patents granted on 10 April 2012

70 US patents granted on 10 April 2012 and assigned to Sony

1 RE43,305 Transmission system for OFDM-signals with optimized synchronization
2 D657,411 Camera
3 D657,409 Video camera
4 D657,352 Portable electronic device
5 D657,341 Mobile phone
6 8,156,555 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, information providing medium, information decryption apparatus, and information recording medium
7 8,156,545 Method and apparatus for authorizing a communication interface
8 8,156,532 Video program creation system, table providing device, terminal device, terminal processing method, program, recording medium
9 8,156,525 Information-processing system, information-processing device, and information-processing method
10 8,156,524 Content preference calculation method and content reception apparatus
11 8,156,436 Information processing device, information processing method and information processing program
12 8,156,294 Apparatus and method for controlling storage buffers
13 8,156,266 Consumer electronics control (CEC) line enhancement method for HDMI network that selects a transfer rate from a plurality of transfer rates
14 8,156,196 Information processing device and information processing method
15 8,156,122 Information reproduction device and method and program
16 8,156,014 Communication service method and communication apparatus thereof for transmitting advertisements in a private communication environment
17 8,155,695 Apparatus and method to improve WLAN performance in a dual WLAN modality environment
18 8,155,665 Adaptive receiver based on mobility information of user device
19 8,155,616 Reduction of near field electro-magnetic scattering using high impedance metallization terminations
20 8,155,598 System and method for power control in MIMO systems
21 8,155,591 Electronic communication method, electronic communication system, communication terminal, and server
22 8,155,587 Communication method, communication system, and communication device for performing communication having altering communication ranges
23 8,155,502 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer program
24 8,155,460 Image information decoding apparatus and image information decoding method for motion prediction and/or compensation of images
25 8,155,458 Image processing apparatus and image processing method, information processing apparatus and information processing method, information recording apparatus and information recording method, information reproducing apparatus and information reproducing method, recording medium and program
26 8,155,398 Image processing apparatus, image processing method and computer program
27 8,155,353 Device and method for driving speaker
28 8,155,257 Synchronizing circuit and controlling method thereof
29 8,155,248 Equalizing structure and equalizing method
30 8,155,228 Data processing apparatus and method
31 8,155,223 Receiving device, receiving method, and program
32 8,155,210 Apparatus for encoding and decoding header data in picture signal transmission
33 8,155,209 Apparatus for encoding and decoding header data in picture signal transmission
34 8,155,190 Coding appartus, coding method, program for coding method, and recording medium recording coding method
35 8,155,184 Video coding system using texture analysis and synthesis in a scalable coding framework
36 8,155,183 Power-line communication based surveillance system
37 8,155,178 16k mode interleaver in a digital video broadcasting (DVB) standard
38 8,155,055 Automatic re-connection of a previously lost connection in a frequency hopping communication system
39 8,155,042 Method and arrangement relating communication devices
40 8,155,035 Reception apparatus and method, program, and recording medium
41 8,154,981 Record medium, its manufacturing method, mother disc for record medium, and its manufacturing method
42 8,154,967 Optical recording medium, recording/reproduction apparatus, recording method, and recording/reproduction method with adjustment data for multiple layers
43 8,154,964 Data processing device, data processing method, program, program recording medium, data recording medium, and data structure
44 8,154,801 Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
45 8,154,675 Liquid crystal display panel and method for manufacturing the same
46 8,154,661 Video device, output switching method for video device, and cable discriminating method
47 8,154,644 System and method for manipulation of a digital image
48 8,154,621 Photographing apparatus and photographing method
49 8,154,619 Imaging apparatus, imaging processing method, and imaging control program
50 8,154,617 Method of detecting the existence of visually sensitive thin lines in a digital image
51 8,154,609 Information processing apparatus and information processing method as well as program
52 8,154,606 Image pickup apparatus and reproduction control apparatus
53 8,154,573 Method of forming a latent image on an overcoat layer
54 8,154,566 Active-matrix display apparatus driving method of the same and electronic instruments
55 8,154,549 Data display apparatus, data display method and data display program
56 8,154,535 Display apparatus and position detecting method
57 8,154,430 Digital recording apparatus and method, digital reproduction apparatus and method, and digital data conversion apparatus
58 8,154,352 Oscillating circuit
59 8,154,056 Solid-state imaging device, method of manufacturing solid-state imaging device and method of driving solid-state imaging device
60 8,153,879 Data processing apparatus, data reproduction apparatus, data processing method and data processing program
61 8,153,702 Method of producing an electret material
62 8,153,467 Semiconductor device with groove structure to prevent molding resin overflow over a light receiving region of a photodiode during manufacture and method for manufacturing same
63 8,153,192 Method of forming a composite
64 8,152,976 AG-based alloy sputtering target
65 8,152,947 Method for producing display device
66 8,152,945 Method for producing display device
67 8,152,637 Image display system, information processing system, image processing system, and video game system
68 8,152,613 Tiled objects in digital environments
69 8,152,353 Surface emission apparatus, light guide, and method of manufacturing light guide
70 8,152,312 Apparatus and method that present projection image