Sony patents granted on 10 January 2012

74 US patents granted on 10 January 2012 and assigned to Sony

1 D652,067 Digital camera
2 8,095,955 Methods and systems for improving network response during channel change
3 8,095,948 System and method for billing for interactive television
4 8,095,891 Smart menu apparatus
5 8,095,864 Electronic apparatus, page display method, program, and storage medium
6 8,095,790 Information processing apparatus and method, and computer program
7 8,095,784 Computer system and method for activating basic program therein
8 8,095,749 Application pre-launch to reduce user interface latency
9 8,095,718 Bridge, information processor, and access control method
10 8,095,664 Method, apparatus, and computer program for processing information
11 8,095,646 Content ancillary to sensory work playback
12 8,095,578 Data processing system and method therefor
13 8,095,555 Information processing apparatus and method and information system
14 8,095,527 Reproducing apparatus and method, information processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
15 8,095,493 Information processing apparatus, information processing method and computer program
16 8,095,468 Method for providing protected audio/video content
17 8,095,406 Content display method, a content display apparatus, and a recording medium on which a content display program is recorded
18 8,095,178 Wireless intelligent switch engine
19 8,095,150 Method and apparatus for conveying location of lost or motionless mobile communication devices
20 8,095,148 Position information processing method, position information processing system, position information processing apparatus, communication apparatus and program
21 8,095,147 Multi-device location monitoring system
22 8,095,081 Device and method for hands-free push-to-talk functionality
23 8,095,073 Method and apparatus for improved mobile station and hearing aid compatibility
24 8,095,072 System and method for managing wireless connections in computer
25 8,094,996 Recording apparatus, recording method, recording program, image pickup apparatus, image pickup method, and image pickup program
26 8,094,992 Information recording device and method, program storage medium, and program
27 8,094,891 Generating music playlist based on facial expression
28 8,094,853 Speaker system and fitting device
29 8,094,852 Headset
30 8,094,843 Low-profile piezoelectric speaker assembly
31 8,094,835 Signal processing apparatus
32 8,094,822 Broadcast encryption key distribution system
33 8,094,807 Information processing system, information processing apparatus, methods, program and recording medium
34 8,094,714 Speculative start point selection for motion estimation iterative search
35 8,094,693 Laser control method and laser control circuit
36 8,094,678 Method of and apparatus for providing reserved bandwidth to ethernet devices over switched ethernet including a home network wall plate having a combined IEEE 1394 and ethernet modified HUB
37 8,094,588 Information transmission method, information transmission apparatus, information recording or reproducing method, information recording or reproducing apparatus and recording medium
38 8,094,548 Transmission format, communication control apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
39 8,094,525 Information recording method and information recording apparatus
40 8,094,491 Semiconductor device
41 8,094,385 Image pickup lens and image pickup apparatus
42 8,094,283 Liquid crystal display
43 8,094,267 Liquid crystal display device, methods for manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus
44 8,094,261 Display unit and processing system each having a wiring board in substantially the same plane as a liquid crystal module
45 8,094,253 Display device, driving method of display device, and driving method of display element
46 8,094,252 Display apparatus and method for driving the same
47 8,094,230 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
48 8,094,213 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program in which an original image is modified with respect to a desired reference point set on a screen
49 8,094,210 Image synthesis apparatus, image pickup apparatus, image synthesis method, and program
50 8,094,204 Image movement based device control method, program, and apparatus
51 8,094,197 Image recording system having a conversion apparatus
52 8,094,146 Driving method for pixel circuit and display apparatus
53 8,094,145 Driving method for organic electroluminescence light emitting section
54 8,094,099 Display apparatus and driving method for display apparatus
55 8,094,046 Signal processing apparatus and signal processing method
56 8,094,037 Method and apparatus for identifying an electronic appliance
57 8,093,934 Timing adjustment circuit, solid-state image pickup element, and camera system
58 8,093,867 Charging apparatus and charging method
59 8,093,801 Display device having parabolic light reflecting portions for enhanced extraction of light
60 8,093,720 Device, method of manufacturing device, board, method of manufacturing board, mounting structure, mounting method, LED display, LED backlight and electronic device
61 8,093,708 Semiconductor package having non-uniform contact arrangement
62 8,093,635 Solid-state imaging element
63 8,093,623 Semiconductor integrated circuit
64 8,093,181 Thermal transfer member, thermal transfer member set, and recording method
65 8,093,109 Method for forming semiconductor thin film and method for manufacturing electronic device
66 8,093,093 Semiconductor imaging instrument and manufacturing method thereof, and camera and manufacturing method thereof
67 8,093,029 Bilirubin oxidase mutant having thermal stability
68 8,092,960 Exposing mask and production method therefor and exposing method
69 8,092,937 Battery pack
70 8,092,899 Method of activating a silicon surface for subsequent patterning of molecules onto said surface
71 8,092,725 Apparatus and method for forming optical element
72 8,092,636 Anisotropic conductive adhesive
73 8,092,101 Imaging apparatus with rotatable lens barrel
74 8,092,060 Cradle