Sony patents granted on 10 July 2012

90 US patents granted on 10 July 2012 and assigned to Sony

1 D663,286 Headphone
2 8,220,061 Method for making contents public or private, information providing system, and information providing program
3 8,220,028 Content transmission apparatus, content reception apparatus, and content transmission/reception system
4 8,220,013 Recording medium drive apparatus and electronic apparatus
5 8,219,978 Information processing device
6 8,219,928 Reproduction device and display control method
7 8,219,818 Information processing apparatus, information recording medium, information processing method, and information processing program
8 8,219,753 Resource management cache to manage renditions
9 8,219,734 Electronic apparatus and data corruption prevention method
10 8,219,722 DMA and graphics interface emulation
11 8,219,704 Selection of content in response to communication environment
12 8,219,703 Method for sharing information between handheld communication devices and handheld communication device therefore
13 8,219,700 System and methods of streaming media files from a dispersed peer network to maintain quality of service
14 8,219,643 Server/client system for managing the transmission and use of copyrighted content, information processing unit, information processing method, and computer program
15 8,219,634 Information distribution system, and information distribution method
16 8,219,619 Data management server, data management system, data management method, and program
17 8,219,610 Content providing system, monitoring server, and SIP proxy server
18 8,219,559 Information recording/reproducing apparatus, information recording/reproducing method, program storage medium, and program
19 8,219,495 Method of using personal device with internal biometric in conducting transactions over a network
20 8,219,345 Methods of calibrating a clock using multiple clock periods with a single counter and related devices and methods
21 8,219,154 Power transmission device, power transmission method, program, power receiving device and power transfer system
22 8,219,146 Audio-only user interface mobile phone pairing
23 8,219,071 Portable terminal, information recommendation method and program
24 8,219,029 Wireless communication device, program, method, and system for communicating operation instruction information
25 8,218,962 Image-capturing apparatus
26 8,218,903 3D object scanning using video camera and TV monitor
27 8,218,856 Information presentation system, information presentation apparatus, information presentation method, program, and recording medium on which such program is recorded
28 8,218,825 Capturing and processing facial motion data
29 8,218,820 Image processing method, recording medium carrying image processing program, and image processing apparatus
30 8,218,782 Headphone device, signal processing device, and signal processing method
31 8,218,779 Portable communication device and a method of processing signals therein
32 8,218,706 Communication system, receiving apparatus, and receiving method
33 8,218,653 Lossy frame memory compression using intra refresh
34 8,218,641 Picture encoding using same-picture reference for pixel reconstruction
35 8,218,640 Picture decoding using same-picture reference for pixel reconstruction
36 8,218,637 Image processing apparatus and associated method
37 8,218,627 Scalable MPEG video/macro block rate control
38 8,218,620 Picture processing apparatus, index creating apparatus, imaging apparatus, index creating method, and program
39 8,218,605 Preamble for synchronization
40 8,218,596 Vertical cavity surface emitting laser and method of manufacturing the same
41 8,218,594 Vertical cavity surface emitting laser
42 8,218,592 Laser device, optical pickup, and optical disk device
43 8,218,560 Apparatus and method for demultiplication
44 8,218,548 Information processing apparatus, method, and program
45 8,218,501 Data forwarding controller, communication terminal apparatus, data communication system and method, and computer program for performing handover for a mobile node
46 8,218,485 System and method for multi-link communication in home network
47 8,218,404 Apparatus and method for recording content information which satisfies a predetermined standard
48 8,218,321 Self-cooling electrical device
49 8,218,303 Information processing apparatus and electronic apparatus system
50 8,218,249 Lens barrel and imaging apparatus
51 8,218,247 Zoom lens and image pickup device
52 8,218,116 Liquid crystal display panel and manufacturing method thereof
53 8,218,093 Remote controller, image signal processing apparatus, and image signal processing method
54 8,218,090 Integrated user interface and control in HDMI/CEC
55 8,218,089 Video signal processing apparatus, video signal processing method, and program
56 8,218,077 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
57 8,218,058 Drive control unit, drive control method and program thereof
58 8,218,057 Imaging apparatus, user interface, and associated methodology for a co-existent shooting and reproduction mode
59 8,218,049 Solid-state image sensing device, method for reading signal of solid-state image sensing device, and image pickup apparatus
60 8,218,043 Solid-state imaging device, method of producing the same, and camera
61 8,218,031 Information recording apparatus, imaging apparatus, information recording method, and program
62 8,218,029 Image taking apparatus, correction circuit and correction method
63 8,218,028 Imaging apparatus, image processing apparatus, and program
64 8,218,022 Imaging apparatus and associated methodology of independently powering components to limit power consumption
65 8,218,010 Image monitoring system and image monitoring program
66 8,217,991 Method, device and program for processing stereoscopic images and recording medium storing the program
67 8,217,967 Display, liquid crystal display, and data processing method for reducing interference due to noise
68 8,217,927 Display unit
69 8,217,914 Information display apparatus with proximity detection performance and information display method using the same
70 8,217,906 User interface, apparatus, method, and computer program for viewing of content on a screen
71 8,217,898 Keyboard and electronic equipment
72 8,217,878 Display device and electronic equipment
73 8,217,865 Display apparatus and driving method for the same
74 8,217,862 Display apparatus, driving method for display apparatus and electronic apparatus
75 8,217,787 Method and apparatus for multitouch text input
76 8,217,585 Balancer board for backlight device
77 8,217,479 Solid-state image pickup element, method of manufacturing the same, and image pickup apparatus including the same
78 8,217,431 Solid-state image pickup device for preventing cross-talk between adjacent pixels and manufacturing method thereof
79 8,217,407 Light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
80 8,217,374 Projection optical system and projection-type image display apparatus
81 8,217,276 Multilayer printed circuit board and method of manufacturing multilayer printed circuit board
82 8,216,726 Battery
83 8,216,724 Polymer electrolyte and battery
84 8,216,714 Battery pack
85 8,216,656 Disc master, disc master manufacturing method, stamper, disc substrate, optical disc, and optical disc manufacturing method
86 8,216,655 Optical information recording medium
87 8,216,036 Entertainment system and method
88 8,215,819 Clip and backlight assembly
89 8,215,547 Data communicating apparatus and method for managing memory of data communicating apparatus
90 8,215,545 Controlling device and method for controlling an apparatus