Sony patents granted on 10 June 2014

79 US patents granted on 10 June 2014 and assigned to Sony

1 D706,806 Display panel or screen with animated graphical user interface
2 8,752,199 Hybrid media distribution with enhanced security
3 8,752,195 Information processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
4 8,752,117 Communication system, transmission apparatus, transmission method, reception apparatus and reception method
5 8,751,969 Information processor, processing method and program for displaying a virtual image
6 8,751,944 Communication system, communication apparatus, communication program, and computer-readable storage medium stored with the communication program
7 8,751,908 Decoding device and method, and program
8 8,751,727 Storage apparatus and storage system
9 8,751,706 Electronic apparatus and cooling method thereof
10 8,751,662 System and method for effectively optimizing content segment downloads in an electronic network
11 8,751,570 Internet transaction and user interface therefor
12 8,751,310 Monitoring advertisement impressions
13 8,751,212 Methods and apparatus for achieving thermal management using processing task scheduling
14 8,751,048 Robot device, method of controlling the same, computer program, and robot system
15 8,751,027 Audio apparatus and method
16 8,751,026 Audio data receiving apparatus, audio data receiving method, and audio data transmission and receiving system
17 8,750,802 Information processing apparatus, information processing system, and program
18 8,750,690 Apparatus, method, and computer program for processing information
19 8,750,681 Electronic apparatus, content recommendation method, and program therefor
20 8,750,679 Information processing apparatus, recording method, and computer program
21 8,750,648 Image processing apparatus and method of processing image
22 8,750,644 Masking tool
23 8,750,635 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program, and recording medium
24 8,750,631 Image processing device and method
25 8,750,626 Apparatus, method and program for detecting a difference between a current image and a previous image
26 8,750,599 Stereoscopic image processing method and apparatus
27 8,750,573 Hand gesture detection
28 8,750,555 Speaker apparatus
29 8,750,554 Speaker diaphragm and speaker device
30 8,750,536 Output control apparatus, output controlling method, program, and output control system
31 8,750,435 Receiving apparatus, receiving method, and receiving system
32 8,750,424 Signal receiving apparatus, signal receiving method and signal receiving program
33 8,750,380 Transmission apparatus, reception apparatus, frame rate conversion system, and frame rate conversion method
34 8,750,327 Wireless communication system, wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication method, and computer program
35 8,750,326 Wireless communication system, wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication method, and computer program
36 8,750,147 Information processing device for determining related files for download
37 8,750,084 Manufacturing method for optical disc, optical disc, playback method for optical disc, playback apparatus for optical disc, recording apparatus for optical disc
38 8,750,078 Slave device, time synchronization method in slave device, master device, and electronic equipment system
39 8,750,035 Memory element and memory device
40 8,749,853 Image data display apparatus, image data display method, and image data display computer program product
41 8,749,778 Method for evaluation of oxide semiconductor electrode, apparatus for evaluation of oxide semiconductor electrode, and apparatus for production of oxide semiconductor electrode
42 8,749,742 Display device and liquid crystal element
43 8,749,733 Liquid crystal display device
44 8,749,729 Light guide plate, surface-emitting apparatus, liquid crystal display apparatus, and method of producing a light guide plate
45 8,749,695 Imaging device and imaging apparatus
46 8,749,691 Photographing system, pattern detection system, and electronic unit
47 8,749,685 Solid-state imaging device, driving method thereof, and imaging apparatus
48 8,749,684 Solid-state imaging device and camera system
49 8,749,679 Solid-state imaging device having an improved charge leakage, manufacturing method thereof, and electronic apparatus
50 8,749,674 Solid-state imaging device, driving control method thereof, and imaging apparatus
51 8,749,661 Imaging compositions of multiple images having different image ranges
52 8,749,646 Image processing apparatus, imaging apparatus, solid-state imaging device, image processing method and program
53 8,749,583 Information processing apparatus, information processing system, and information processing method
54 8,749,569 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
55 8,749,547 Three-dimensional stereoscopic image generation
56 8,749,533 Haptic device for carving and molding objects
57 8,749,492 Display device equipped with a touch panel
58 8,749,445 Variable capacitance device, antenna module, and communication apparatus
59 8,749,424 Comparator, analog-to-digital convertor, solid-state imaging device, camera system, and electronic apparatus
60 8,749,420 A/D converter, A/D conversion method, and program
61 8,749,409 Entropy decoding methods and apparatus using most probable and least probable signal cases
62 8,749,376 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program, storage medium, and information processing system
63 8,749,375 Hands-free home automation application
64 8,749,363 Universal accessory for viewing a smartphone display in an automobile
65 8,749,324 Signal transmission apparatus and display apparatus
66 8,749,202 Battery control system, battery controller, battery control method and program
67 8,749,008 Solid-state imaging device, production method of the same, and imaging apparatus
68 8,748,882 Thin film transistor, electronic device, display device, and method of manufacturing thin film transistor
69 8,748,878 Thin film transistor, method of manufacturing the same, and display device
70 8,748,874 Protein photoelectric conversion device, photoelectric conversion system, protein photoelectric conversion device manufacturing method, photoelectric conversion system manufacturing method and protein-immobilized electrode
71 8,748,793 Image pickup element and image pickup device
72 8,748,752 Member mounting method and member assembly
73 8,748,510 Flame-retardant polycarbonate resin composition
74 8,748,042 Cathode active material, method of manufacturing it, cathode, and battery
75 8,747,991 Optical device, method for manufacturing the same and display device
76 8,747,985 Optical recording medium
77 8,747,685 Shape simulation apparatus, shape simulation program, semiconductor production apparatus, and semiconductor device production method
78 8,747,224 Operating device
79 8,747,177 Light-emitting display and method of manufacturing the same