Sony patents granted on 10 March 2015

41 US patents granted on 10 March 2015 and assigned to Sony

1 D724,050 Tuner
2 8,978,070 Content output system, information display apparatus, content output apparatus, and content information display method
3 8,978,061 Image content and advertisement data providing method, system, and apparatus
4 8,978,054 Cartridge for accomodating a disc-shaped recording medium
5 8,978,047 Method and system for invoking an application in response to a trigger event
6 8,977,980 Display scrolling method, display apparatus, and recording medium having display program recorded thereon
7 8,977,716 Information processing device, method, and program
8 8,977,541 Speech processing apparatus, speech processing method and program
9 8,977,493 Self-position measuring terminal
10 8,977,396 Mobile robotic assistant for multipurpose applications
11 8,977,322 Method and apparatus for displaying an image of a device based on radio waves
12 8,977,304 Systems and methods for prioritizing messages on a mobile device
13 8,977,297 Providing navigation guidance by activating a plurality of active elements of an information processing apparatus
14 8,977,101 Imaging apparatus and display control method thereof
15 8,977,055 Information processing device, object recognition method, program, and terminal device
16 8,976,987 Sound reproduction device
17 8,976,978 Sound signal processing apparatus and sound signal processing method
18 8,976,832 Multi-wavelength semiconductor laser device
19 8,976,827 Driving device and light-emitting unit
20 8,976,725 Communication system, relay device, communication terminal, and base station
21 8,976,642 Decoding device, decoding method, and program
22 8,976,640 Information recording medium and disc
23 8,976,578 Memory element and memory apparatus
24 8,976,453 Light reflecting member, light beam extension device, image display device, and optical device
25 8,976,438 Display and electronic unit
26 8,976,432 Hologram-including medium, hologram-including medium producing apparatus, and information authentication method
27 8,976,352 Microparticle analysis apparatus
28 8,976,303 Presenting snapshot of controlled device display on display of remote commander to facilitate control of the controlled device by user who cannot see controlled device
29 8,976,284 Solid-state imaging device and camera system
30 8,976,283 Solid-state imaging device, manufacturing method thereof, and camera with alternately arranged pixel combinations having differing on-chip lenses
31 8,976,265 Apparatus for image and sound capture in a game environment
32 8,976,229 Analysis of 3D video
33 8,976,193 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer program
34 8,976,178 Display switching apparatus, display switching method, and display switching program
35 8,976,140 Touch input processor, information processor, and touch input control method
36 8,976,131 Information processing device, display control method, and program
37 8,976,090 Pixel circuit with multiple holding capacitors, method of driving the pixel circuit, display panel, display device and electronic unit
38 8,976,089 Pixel circuit and display device, and a method of manufacturing pixel circuit
39 8,975,951 Semiconductor integrated circuit
40 8,975,667 Solid-state imaging device, electronic equipment and manufacturing method of the solid-state imaging device
41 8,975,648 Light emitting device and manufacturing method thereof