Sony patents granted on 10 May 2011

38 US patents granted on 10 May 2011 and assigned to Sony

1 D637,582 Speaker
2 7,941,745 Method and system for tagging electronic documents
3 7,941,670 Data processing apparatus in which data is accessed in response to an access request from a plurality of access request sources
4 7,941,482 System and method for managing performance between multiple peers in a peer-to-peer environment
5 7,941,235 Playback apparatus, playback method, playback system and recording medium
6 7,941,191 Magnetic hinge mechanism for wireless communication devices
7 7,941,041 Image pickup apparatus
8 7,941,033 Information processing method and apparatus, program and recording medium
9 7,941,032 Information processing device and program
10 7,940,993 Learning device, learning method, and learning program
11 7,940,990 Image signal processing apparatus and image signal processing method
12 7,940,957 Object tracker for visually tracking object motion
13 7,940,810 Encoding/transmitting apparatus and encoding/transmitting method
14 7,940,805 Receiving device, clock synchronizing method, and computer program
15 7,940,800 System and method for transmitting information over multiple channels
16 7,940,636 Recording medium, recording apparatus and recording method
17 7,940,632 Recording medium, data use limitating method, and program
18 7,940,627 Data recording device, data recording method, and computer program
19 7,940,622 Recording/reproduction device, evaluation value calculation method, and evaluation value calculation device
20 7,940,606 Signal detecting device and signal detecting method
21 7,940,517 Electronic device
22 7,940,458 Laser light source device, hologram apparatus, and method for detecting laser light
23 7,940,442 Optical scanning device and component thereof
24 7,940,343 Liquid crystal display device and image displaying method of liquid crystal display device
25 7,940,328 Solid state imaging device having wirings with lateral extensions
26 7,940,312 Image pickup device for connection to an external record device
27 7,940,308 Image processing system, image pickup apparatus, image pickup method, image reproducing apparatus, and image reproducing method
28 7,940,234 Pixel circuit, display device, and method of manufacturing pixel circuit
29 7,940,104 Signal generating apparatus, filter apparatus, signal generating method and filtering method
30 7,940,080 Semiconductor integrated circuit
31 7,939,895 Semiconductor device with forwardly tapered P-type FET gate electrode and reversely tapered N-type FET gate electrode and method of manufacturing same
32 7,939,891 Semiconductor device having MISFETs and manufacturing method thereof
33 7,939,860 Solid-state imaging device
34 7,939,360 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method therefor
35 7,939,359 Solid state imaging device, method of manufacturing the same, and imaging apparatus
36 7,939,130 Method of forming a film of nanoparticles interlinked with each other using a polyfunctional linker
37 7,938,753 Training apparatus and training method
38 7,938,586 Mobile terminal apparatus and sliding cover device