Sony patents granted on 10 May 2016

43 US patents granted on 10 May 2016 and assigned to Sony

1 9,338,644 Communication method and apparatus
2 9,338,607 Information delivery system for sending reminder times based on event and travel times
3 9,338,494 Method and apparatus for providing recommended content playback on a display device
4 9,338,483 Camera system, video selection apparatus and video selection method
5 9,338,457 Method and apparatus for encoding image information, and method and apparatus for decoding image information
6 9,338,436 Imaging device and imaging method
7 9,338,430 Encoding device, encoding method, decoding device, and decoding method
8 9,338,427 Scaling pixel depth values of user-controlled virtual object in three-dimensional scene
9 9,338,422 Display control method, recording medium, display control device
10 9,338,414 Imaging apparatus and imaging method for performing interpolation processing
11 9,338,412 Systems and methods for securing a digital communications link
12 9,338,408 Image obtaining apparatus, image obtaining method, and image obtaining program
13 9,338,379 System, device, and method for obtaining an image of a person’s skin
14 9,338,374 Solid-state image sensor, method for driving solid-state image sensor, and electronic device
15 9,338,368 Imaging apparatus, method of detecting flicker, and information processing unit
16 9,338,043 Data processing apparatus and method for use in an interleaver suitable for multiple operating modes
17 9,337,971 Wireless resource allocation method, wireless resource allocation device, and communication system
18 9,337,945 Receiving apparatus and receiving method for receiving broadcasting waves of different frequency bands
19 9,337,919 Signal transmission system, connector apparatus, electronic device, and signal transmission method
20 9,337,803 Piezoelectric device and electronic apparatus
21 9,337,416 Memory element and memory apparatus with a plurality of magnetic layers and an oxide layer
22 9,337,364 Solid-state imaging element and electronic apparatus
23 9,337,305 Semiconductor device having curved gate electrode aligned with curved side-wall insulating film and stress-introducing layer between channel region and source and drain regions
24 9,337,230 Solid-state imaging device with suppression of color mixture, manufacturing method thereof, and electronic apparatus
25 9,337,226 Image pickup element, method of manufacturing image pickup element, and electronic apparatus
26 9,337,042 Method for fabricating a metal high-k gate stack for a buried recessed access device
27 9,336,969 Press detection sensor, input device and electronic apparatus
28 9,336,895 Memory device, semiconductor unit and method of operating the same, and electronic apparatus
29 9,336,826 Method for facilitating online interactions initiated using optical disc players
30 9,336,821 Recording apparatus, and recording method
31 9,336,786 Signal processing device, signal processing method, and storage medium
32 9,336,721 Display apparatus and display-apparatus driving method
33 9,336,719 Pixel circuit and display device, and a method of manufacturing pixel circuit
34 9,336,622 System and method to achieve better eyelines in CG characters
35 9,336,610 Information processing device, method, and program
36 9,336,148 Cache memory, cache memory control unit, and method of controlling the cache memory
37 9,335,920 Remote control apparatus, remote control system, information processing method of remote control apparatus, and program
38 9,335,558 Illumination device and display device
39 9,335,550 Optical device, and virtual image display
40 9,335,357 Detecting device and detecting method
41 9,335,008 Illuminating device
42 9,333,708 Exposure device and exposure method
43 9,333,433 Online video game service with split clients