Sony patents granted on 11 August 2015

51 US patents granted on 11 August 2015 and assigned to Sony

1 D736,301 Projector
2 D736,254 Display panel or screen with an icon
3 D736,199 Computer
4 D736,185 Earphone
5 9,107,207 Communication system, method, base station, and communication device
6 9,107,177 Wireless base station, transmission power control method and computer program
7 9,107,112 Access network discovery and selection in a multi-access technology cellular communication system
8 9,106,918 Coefficient coding harmonization in HEVC
9 9,106,884 Reproducing apparatus, reproducing method, reproducing program, and recording medium for managing reproduction of a data stream
10 9,106,872 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
11 9,106,852 Ad converter, signal processing method, solid-state imaging device, and electronic apparatus
12 9,106,835 Imaging device, azimuth information processing method and program
13 9,106,802 Dual-type of playback for multimedia content
14 9,106,801 Terminals, servers, and methods that find a media server to replace a sensed broadcast program/movie
15 9,106,776 Transmission device, video signal transmission method for transmission device, reception device, and video signal reception method for reception device
16 9,106,494 Data processing apparatus and method
17 9,106,475 Protocol conversion device and protocol conversion method
18 9,106,273 Communication system, communication method, and data processing apparatus
19 9,106,263 Data processing device and data processing method
20 9,106,256 Data processing device and data processing method for encoding/decoding information bits
21 9,106,194 Regulation of audio volume and/or rate responsive to user applied pressure and related methods
22 9,105,926 Positive electrode active material, positive electrode, and nonaqueous electrolyte cell
23 9,105,914 Battery pack including electrode tabs with load absorbing parts
24 9,105,900 Battery pack, electricity accumulation system, electronic instrument, electric vehicle, and electric power system
25 9,105,774 Manufacturing method of solid-state imaging device and solid-state imaging device
26 9,105,625 Semiconductor apparatus, method of manufacturing semiconductor apparatus, and electronic apparatus
27 9,105,564 High-frequency device including high-frequency switching circuit
28 9,105,547 Solid state imaging device, method of manufacturing the same, and imaging apparatus
29 9,105,545 Imaging device to capture images of subjects in plurality of directions
30 9,105,543 Solid-state image pickup device, method for manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus
31 9,105,541 Solid-state imaging apparatus
32 9,105,539 Solid-state imaging device and manufacturing method of the same, and electronic apparatus
33 9,105,296 Electronic apparatus
34 9,105,294 Composite magnetic recording media
35 9,105,239 Image processing device, image processing method, recording medium, and program
36 9,105,219 Light emitting element drive device, light emitting element drive method, and display apparatus
37 9,105,178 Remote dynamic configuration of telemetry reporting through regular expressions
38 9,105,132 Real time three-dimensional menu/icon shading
39 9,105,104 Image processing apparatus,image processing method, and program
40 9,105,076 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
41 9,104,984 Method and device relating to information management
42 9,104,980 Information processing device, information processing method, and program
43 9,104,943 Information processor, information processing method, and program
44 9,104,468 Terminal apparatus and method of controlling terminal apparatus with multi-tasking features
45 9,104,408 Image display device, control method and computer program
46 9,104,310 Information processing control device
47 9,104,272 Finger-on display detection
48 9,104,053 Liquid crystal display and projection display
49 9,104,019 Eyepiece lens and display unit
50 9,102,978 Base sequence analysis method, base sequence analysis apparatus, and base sequence analysis program
51 9,101,829 Systems for using three-dimensional object as controller in an interactive game