Sony patents granted on 11 December 2007

29 US patents granted on 11 December 2007 and assigned to Sony

1 D557,309 Combined video camera, video tape recorder and storage medium player/recorder
2 D557,304 Camera
3 D557,262 Combined disc player and radio receiver
4 D557,255 Headset
5 D557,252 Radio receiver
6 D557,209 Travel charger
7 7,308,698 Television display device and method of operating a television system
8 7,308,695 Disk holding member, disk tray, recording and/or reproducing device, and disk changer
9 7,308,637 Data recording/reproducing device, data recording/reproducing method, program, and recording medium
10 7,308,582 Collation processing apparatus, data communication system and data communication method
11 7,308,508 Distribution contents forming method, contents distributing method and apparatus, and code converting method
12 7,308,492 Method and apparatus for use in remote diagnostics
13 7,308,461 Information processing method, apparatus, program and recording medium
14 7,308,324 Data signal processing apparatus
15 7,307,941 Optical recording medium having substantially uniform interlayer structure
16 7,307,936 Disk drive device and address detection method with binarized push-pull signal
17 7,307,934 Recording apparatus
18 7,307,932 Recording medium, recording apparatus, and reading apparatus
19 7,307,930 Optical disk apparatus
20 7,307,660 Method for driving solid-state image pickup apparatus, solid-state image pickup device and camera
21 7,307,623 Information processing device having detector capable of detecting coordinate values, as well as changes thereof, of a plurality of points on display screen
22 7,307,555 Information recording processing apparatus, information recording processing method and computer program
23 7,307,550 Decoding method, decoding device, and program for the same
24 7,307,473 Distortion compensating and power amplifying apparatus
25 7,307,270 Memory element and memory device
26 7,306,878 Battery device and electronic apparatus
27 7,306,751 Crystalline superfine particles, complex material, method of manufacturing crystalline superfine particles, inverted micelles, inverted micelles enveloping precursor superfine particles, inverted micelles enveloping crystalline superfine particles, and precursor superfine particles
28 7,306,689 Optical waveguide and method for producing same
29 7,306,309 Liquid discharge apparatus and method for discharging liquid