Sony patents granted on 11 November 2014

90 US patents granted on 11 November 2014 and assigned to Sony

1 D717,311 Display panel or screen with transitional graphical user interface
2 D717,265 Mobile phone
3 8,887,219 Information providing apparatus, information receiving terminal, information providing system, information providing method and program
4 8,887,210 Transmission apparatus, information transmission method, reception apparatus, and information processing method
5 8,887,201 Information processing apparatus, information processing method and program
6 8,887,193 System, method, and infrastructure for real-time live streaming content
7 8,887,130 Software design and development in a service oriented environment
8 8,887,098 Computer Graphics generating apparatus, Computer Graphics generating method, and program
9 8,887,091 Information processing apparatus, method, processor, and recording medium for determining whether information stored in a memory is incorrectly updated
10 8,887,048 Media data presented with time-based metadata
11 8,887,030 Encoder and encoding method providing incremental redundancy
12 8,886,774 Remote control device, remote control setting method, and program
13 8,886,752 System and method for optimizing transfers of downloadable content
14 8,886,717 Client device, information processing system and associated methodology of accessing networked services
15 8,886,698 Electronic device monitoring method, electronic device computer and program thereof
16 8,886,541 Remote controller with position actuatated voice transmission
17 8,886,526 Source separation using independent component analysis with mixed multi-variate probability density function
18 8,886,510 Method and apparatus for generating an event in response to interactions with information available only to a subset of client devices in a computer simulation
19 8,886,145 Antenna adjustment circuit, antenna adjustment method, and communication unit
20 8,886,121 Communication device, commnunication method, and program
21 8,886,029 3-D image pickup apparatus
22 8,886,018 Image processing apparatus, processing method, and recording medium
23 8,886,017 Display image generating method
24 8,886,012 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
25 8,886,009 Creation of video bookmarks via scripted interactivity in advanced digital television
26 8,885,979 Apparatus and associated methodology for analyzing subject motion in images
27 8,885,969 Method and apparatus for detecting coding artifacts in an image
28 8,885,966 Apparatus, method and program for performing a plurality of processes on an image signal
29 8,885,956 Image processing device and method
30 8,885,922 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
31 8,885,892 Content extracting device, content extracting method and program
32 8,885,886 Method and apparatus and program
33 8,885,875 Imaged image data processing apparatus, viewing information creating apparatus, viewing information creating system, imaged image data processing method and viewing information creating method
34 8,885,851 Portable device that performs an action in response to magnitude of force, method of operating the portable device, and computer program
35 8,885,841 Audio processing apparatus and method, and program
36 8,885,829 Antipiracy key segmentation for HFC multicast distribution from master headend to cable hubs
37 8,885,774 Receiving apparatus for high frequency imaging system
38 8,885,771 Signal receiving apparatus, signal receiving method and signal receiving program
39 8,885,761 Data processing apparatus and method
40 8,885,716 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
41 8,885,715 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
42 8,885,686 Division of bit streams to produce spatial paths for multicarrier transmission
43 8,885,629 Base station, terminal apparatus, communication control method and radio communication system
44 8,885,574 Communication control method and communication system for starting secondary usage of an assigned spectrum
45 8,885,450 Method of manufacturing master disc, method of manufacturing recording medium, program, and recording medium
46 8,885,442 Method for determining an acoustic property of an environment
47 8,885,406 Memory device, memory control device, and memory control method
48 8,885,385 Memory element and memory device
49 8,885,261 Optical element array, method of forming optical element array, display device and electronic apparatus
50 8,885,259 Image display apparatus
51 8,885,113 Display device, barrier device, and method of manufacturing barrier device
52 8,885,107 Signal processing device, signal processing method, and program for selectively processing a desired broadcast signal from a plurality of received broadcast signals
53 8,885,093 Image pickup apparatus, image pickup method, exposure control method, and program
54 8,885,083 Solid state imaging device and electronic apparatus
55 8,885,080 Image pickup device and image pickup result outputting method
56 8,885,061 Image processing apparatus, image processing method and program
57 8,885,052 Unevenness inspection apparatus and unevenness inspection method
58 8,885,049 Method and device for determining calibration parameters of a camera
59 8,885,019 Image signal processing device, transmitting device, image signal processing method, program and image signal processing system
60 8,884,993 Signal processing apparatus, display apparatus, electronic apparatus, signal processing method and program
61 8,884,991 Control system, control apparatus, handheld apparatus, control method, and program
62 8,884,924 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, information recording medium, and program
63 8,884,899 Three-dimensional interactive display
64 8,884,863 Buffer circuit, scanning circuit, display device, and electronic equipment
65 8,884,854 Display, method for driving display, and electronic apparatus
66 8,884,852 Display device having a pixel that synthesizes signal values to increase a number of possible display gradations and display method
67 8,884,851 Display apparatus, method of driving a display, and electronic device
68 8,884,850 Display apparatus, method of driving display apparatus, and electronic apparatus
69 8,884,847 Display apparatus and driving method therefor
70 8,884,828 Mobile wireless terminal
71 8,884,800 Method and apparatus for performing analog-to-digital conversion on multiple input signals
72 8,884,795 Reception device and reception method
73 8,884,777 Mobile device including a solar battery
74 8,884,716 Feeding structure for cavity resonators
75 8,884,691 Demodulators
76 8,884,439 Joining electrode, method of manufacturing the same, semiconductor device, and method of manufacturing the same
77 8,884,397 Memory device and storage apparatus
78 8,884,392 Method of manufacturing solid state imaging device, and solid state imaging device
79 8,884,347 Photoelectric conversion device, package structure therefor, and method of manufacturing photoelectric conversion device
80 8,884,313 Transistor, method of manufacturing transistor, display unit, and electronic apparatus
81 8,884,293 Display device, method of manufacturing the same, and electronic unit
82 8,884,206 Solid-state imaging element, driving method, and electronic apparatus
83 8,883,571 Transistor, method of manufacturing the transistor, semiconductor unit, method of manufacturing the semiconductor unit, display, and electronic apparatus
84 8,883,542 Solid-state imaging device, production method and drive method thereof, and camera
85 8,883,532 Organic EL display device and manufacturing method of the same
86 8,883,334 Battery device, electronic apparatus, and battery system
87 8,882,864 Fuel reformer including a two layer integrated article
88 8,882,597 Hybrid separable motion controller
89 8,882,588 Method and apparatus for use in reserving a position within a simulation for another user
90 8,882,282 Method of manufacturing optical part and optical part, and method of manufacturing display and display