Sony patents granted on 11 October 2011

81 US patents granted on 11 October 2011 and assigned to Sony

1 RE42,830 Method for separating a device-forming layer from a base body
2 D646,675 Audio player
3 D646,666 Speaker
4 D646,665 Speaker box
5 8,037,538 Access control processing method
6 8,037,509 Signal processing system and method, signal processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
7 8,037,498 Reception method, reception device, transmission method, transmission device, transmission/reception method, transmission/reception device
8 8,037,491 Data transmitting method, data transmitting system, data receiving method and receiving terminal
9 8,037,474 Task manager with stored task definition having pointer to a memory address containing required code data related to the task for execution
10 8,037,316 Method and system for user information verification
11 8,037,271 Method and system for performing memory copy function
12 8,037,225 Communication system with host and device role switching features
13 8,037,192 Exchange of information in a communication network
14 8,037,099 Information-recording/reproduction apparatus, information-recording/reproduction methods, program-storing medium and programs
15 8,036,884 Identification of the presence of speech in digital audio data
16 8,036,717 Mobile phone terminal and charging system
17 8,036,602 Apparatus and methods for providing function specific access to a mobile terminal via an external device
18 8,036,521 Image pickup apparatus and focus control method
19 8,036,520 Information processing apparatus and method, and program
20 8,036,488 Image processing apparatus, image processing method and program
21 8,036,482 Image processing apparatus and method, program, and recording medium
22 8,036,474 Information processing apparatus enabling an efficient parallel processing
23 8,036,470 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
24 8,036,457 Image processing apparatus with noise reduction capabilities and a method for removing noise from a captured image
25 8,036,430 Image-processing device and image-processing method, image-pickup device, and computer program
26 8,036,398 Circuit and apparatus having a delay unit for reducing periodic noise
27 8,036,395 Sound effects generation device, sound effects generation method, and computer program product
28 8,036,388 Information sending system, information sending device, information receiving device, information distribution system, information receiving system, information sending method, information receiving method, information distribution method, apparatus, sending method of information receiving device, playback method of apparatus, method of using contents and program storing medium
29 8,036,381 Partial multiple encryption
30 8,036,299 Wireless communication apparatus, antenna calibration method, and computer program
31 8,036,196 Wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication system, wireless communication method and program
32 8,036,079 Recording medium, recording apparatus, reproduction apparatus, recording method and reproduction method
33 8,036,068 Digital alarm clock with user-selectable alarm sound source including from internet
34 8,035,987 Electronic device having a groove partitioning functional and mounting parts from each other
35 8,035,843 Recording medium processing device, printing method, and computer program
36 8,035,815 Optical detection method and optical detection apparatus for a fine particle
37 8,035,790 Mount structure, electrooptic device, and electronic device
38 8,035,789 Mounting structure, electro-optical device, input device, method of manufacturing mounting structure, and electronic apparatus
39 8,035,783 Liquid crystal display device and electronic apparatus
40 8,035,733 Lens barrel rotation detection apparatus and lens barrel rotation type image pickup apparatus
41 8,035,732 Image pickup apparatus with rotary lens barrel
42 8,035,717 Solid-state image pickup device and camera system
43 8,035,714 Solid-state imaging device, method of manufacturing the same, and camera
44 8,035,713 Driving circuit, driving method, solid imaging device, and electronic apparatus
45 8,035,709 Image pickup apparatus provided with a solid-state image pickup device
46 8,035,708 Solid-state imaging device with an organic photoelectric conversion film and imaging apparatus
47 8,035,696 Solid-state imaging apparatus and imaging apparatus
48 8,035,670 Thermal transfer sheet, thermal transfer sheet set, and image forming method
49 8,035,656 TV screen text capture
50 8,035,634 Electro-optical device, driving circuit, and electronic apparatus
51 8,035,629 Hand-held computer interactive device
52 8,035,619 Image drawing method, portable terminal, and computer program
53 8,035,613 Control of data processing
54 8,035,607 Image display apparatus and electronic apparatus
55 8,035,603 Illumination system and liquid crystal display
56 8,035,595 Liquid crystal panel, driving method for liquid crystal panel, and program
57 8,035,590 Color liquid crystal display device assembly
58 8,035,585 Graphic data files including illumination control and related methods and computer program products
59 8,035,563 Multiband antenna device and communication terminal device
60 8,035,541 Digital-analog converter circuit, solid-state imaging device, and imaging apparatus
61 8,035,347 Battery charger
62 8,035,344 Battery system including two or more unit cells electrically connected in series
63 8,035,234 Wiring substrate, manufacturing method thereof, and semiconductor device
64 8,035,230 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same
65 8,035,187 Semiconductor light receiving element and optical communication system
66 8,035,185 Electrode, method of making same, photoelectric transfer element, method of manufacturing same, electronic device and method of manufacturing same
67 8,035,182 Sensor, solid-state imaging device, and imaging apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
68 8,035,120 Semiconductor light emitting device and semiconductor light emitting device assembly
69 8,035,105 Solid state image pickup device and method of producing solid state image pickup device
70 8,035,076 Physical quantity distribution detector, having a plurality of unit components with sensitivity to a physical quantity change of light
71 8,035,069 Physical information acquisition method, physical information acquisition device, and semiconductor device
72 8,035,067 Solid-state image capturing device, image capturing device, and manufacturing method of solid-state image capturing device
73 8,034,849 Adhesive composition and adhesive sheet
74 8,034,704 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device
75 8,034,672 Method of producing display device, display device, method of producing thin-film transistor substrate, and thin-film transistor substrate
76 8,034,649 Solid state imaging device, method of manufacturing the same, and imaging apparatus
77 8,034,178 Apparatus and method for manufacturing an organic electroluminescence display
78 8,033,842 Apparatus and method for mounting audio-visual components
79 8,033,418 Sealed chassis, a seal and method of assembling and disassembling a sealed chassis
80 8,033,324 Jet flow generating apparatus, electronic apparatus, and jet flow generating method
81 8,033,171 Detection apparatus, detection method, and electronic apparatus