Sony patents granted on 11 October 2016

39 US patents granted on 11 October 2016 and assigned to Sony

1 D768,639 Stand for arithmetic and control unit
2 9,468,001 Transmitting a packet via a wireless local area network after a delay
3 9,467,841 Information processing apparatus, wireless communication apparatus, and communication system
4 9,467,742 Content transmission apparatus, content transmission method, content reproduction apparatus, content reproduction method, program and content delivery system
5 9,467,736 Receiving audio/video content
6 9,467,677 Image processing method, image processing device, and electronic apparatus
7 9,467,658 Method and apparatus for protecting the transfer of data
8 9,467,646 Apparatus and method for processing image signal, imaging apparatus, and method for displaying image
9 9,467,619 Focus detection apparatus, electronic apparatus, manufacturing apparatus, and manufacturing method
10 9,467,610 Image capturing system, image capturing device, and image capturing method
11 9,467,582 Information processing apparatus, data generating apparatus, information processing method, and information processing system
12 9,467,287 Enciphering apparatus and method, deciphering apparatus and method as well as information processing apparatus and method
13 9,467,237 Power line communication methods and devices
14 9,467,206 Electric power transmission apparatus, contactless electric power transmission system, and signal generation method
15 9,467,205 Detection apparatus, electric power receiving apparatus, electric power transmission apparatus, wireless electric power transmission system, and detection method
16 9,467,180 Communication apparatus and communication method
17 9,467,123 Reception circuit, and reception apparatus
18 9,466,934 Electronic apparatus, category determination method for transmission cable and transmission cable
19 9,466,791 Storage device and storage unit
20 9,466,645 Solid-state imaging device and imaging apparatus
21 9,466,630 Solid-state imaging device and method of manufacturing the same
22 9,466,331 Data-providing apparatus, data-providing method and program-sorting medium
23 9,466,300 User profile based audio adjustment techniques
24 9,466,146 Image processing apparatus, image processing method and data structure of image file
25 9,466,094 Method to improve video quality under low light conditions
26 9,466,074 Advertising impression determination
27 9,465,984 System to provide a guide display based on a predicted action of a subject
28 9,465,971 Information processing device, program, and information processing method
29 9,465,727 Memory system, method for controlling the same, and information processing device
30 9,465,443 Gesture operation input processing apparatus and gesture operation input processing method
31 9,465,436 System and method of image reconstruction
32 9,465,433 Information processing device, method and program
33 9,465,369 System method for sending messages and commands to a device at a location distanced from the sending device
34 9,465,244 Liquid crystal display
35 9,465,226 Automatic shutdown of 3D based on glasses orientation
36 9,465,211 Microscope and ghosting elimination method
37 9,465,059 Method, sensor and system for analyzing appliances in a power line network
38 9,463,575 Robot device, method of controlling the same, computer program, and robot system
39 9,463,385 Computer-readable recording medium having object control program stored thereon, object control device, and object control method