Sony patents granted on 11 September 2007

33 US patents granted on 11 September 2007 and assigned to Sony

1 7,269,839 Data distribution apparatus and method, and data distribution system
2 7,269,834 Disc type recording and/or reproducing apparatus
3 7,269,745 Methods and apparatus for composing an identification number
4 7,269,650 System for automatically creating a context information providing configuration
5 7,269,596 Audio and/or video generation apparatus
6 7,269,559 Speech decoding apparatus and method using prediction and class taps
7 7,269,529 Data processing apparatus, program, and method for testing a secured circuit and maintaining confidentiality of the circuit
8 7,269,478 Image transmission device and method, transmitting device and method, receiving device and method, and robot apparatus
9 7,269,477 Image transmission device and method, transmitting device and method, receiving device and method, and robot apparatus
10 7,269,447 Portable telephone terminal and power supply method
11 7,269,424 Mobile terminal implementing a ranging signal receiver and method
12 7,269,409 Wireless communication system, terminal, processing method for use in the terminal, and program for allowing the terminal to execute the method
13 7,269,390 Radio communications system, base station, mobile station, transmission control method, and transmission control program
14 7,269,339 Method of and system for recording image information and method of and system for encoding image information
15 7,269,332 Information regenerating unit
16 7,269,257 System and method for processing information using encryption key block
17 7,269,184 Data transmission method and apparatus and data receiving method and apparatus
18 7,269,023 Display panel device
19 7,268,971 Magnetic head apparatus and drive apparatus including magnetic head apparatus
20 7,268,967 Linear-type tape storage magnetic head device
21 7,268,832 Special effect device, key signal control device and key signal control method
22 7,268,812 Solid-state image pickup device and pixel defect testing method thereof
23 7,268,806 Exposure control device for camera mounted on electronic apparatus
24 7,268,805 image pick-up device
25 7,268,773 Data entry user interface
26 7,268,673 Electronic device with a vibrator and an exchangeable cover
27 7,268,071 Dual damascene interconnections having low K layer with reduced damage arising from photoresist stripping
28 7,267,903 Fuel cell and method of operating the same
29 7,267,853 Releasing composition, thermal transfer recording medium, and thermal transfer protective film
30 D550,742 Camera housing
31 D550,703 Audio player
32 D550,645 Disc player
33 D550,638 Combined disc player and amplifier