Sony patents granted on 11 September 2012

80 US patents granted on 11 September 2012 and assigned to Sony

1 RE43,657 Electronic device, signal compensation device and signal compensation method
2 D667,041 Video camera
3 D667,039 Video camera
4 D667,023 Display device with user interface
5 D667,008 Monitor display
6 D666,990 Headphone
7 D666,984 Mobile phone
8 D666,981 Mobile phone
9 8,266,690 Temporally synchronized video display unit screensaver or wallpaper based on user preferences
10 8,266,654 Information processing system, information processing apparatus and method, recording medium and program
11 8,266,651 Information providing system, information terminal device, information server device and information providing method
12 8,266,621 Information processing method, information processing apparatus, and server
13 8,266,502 Recording/reproducing apparatus and recording/reproducing method
14 8,266,476 Multiprocessor system, its control method, and information recording medium
15 8,266,335 Video display device, method of displaying connectors, transmission-line state detection device, transmission line-state detection method and semiconductor integrated circuit
16 8,266,108 Medium drive apparatus, operation method for medium drive apparatus, information processing apparatus, recording and reproduction accessing method for information processing apparatus, program, and program recording medium
17 8,265,880 Gene expression level analyzing method, gene expression level anlayzing program, and gene expression level analyzing device
18 8,265,719 Link mechanism
19 8,265,684 Transmission power control method, communication device and program
20 8,265,479 Camera module
21 8,265,455 Apparatus, method, and program for processing information
22 8,265,448 Electronic apparatus, content reproducing system, content reproducing method, and program
23 8,265,421 Video system with blocking artifact two-dimensional cross filtering
24 8,265,418 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer-readable storage medium for calculating a depth value of a subject in an image
25 8,265,417 Image processing apparatus, method, and program for adding shadow information to images
26 8,265,414 Image processing device and method and program
27 8,265,374 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program and recording medium used therewith
28 8,265,321 Method and apparatus for detecting a position of a pair of ear phones at a user
29 8,265,301 Audio signal processing apparatus, audio signal processing method, program, and input apparatus
30 8,265,297 Sound reproducing device and sound reproduction method for echo cancelling and noise reduction
31 8,265,277 Content scrambling with minimal impact on legacy devices
32 8,265,146 Information processing apparatus, imaging device, information processing method, and computer program
33 8,265,143 Method and apparatus for coding image information, method and apparatus for decoding image information, method and apparatus for coding and decoding image information, and system of coding and transmitting image information
34 8,264,984 Telecommunications apparatus and method, storage medium, and program
35 8,264,841 Heat sink and laser diode
36 8,264,826 Electronic apparatus and battery pack
37 8,264,825 Flat type image display apparatus
38 8,264,727 Data processing apparatus, method, program, and storage medium for setting identification information based on metadata, and advantageously displaying print data
39 8,264,649 Liquid crystal device and method of manufacturing liquid crystal device having surface grooves and alignment film with improved thickness uniformity
40 8,264,648 Impact resistant electro-optical module and electronic device
41 8,264,647 Image display apparatus and optical compensation device
42 8,264,618 Remote control apparatus
43 8,264,617 Analog TV broadcast signal receiving apparatus and analog TV broadcast signal demodulating apparatus
44 8,264,608 Television-signal receiver and receiving method
45 8,264,604 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
46 8,264,600 Image processing apparatus for converting a lower resolution image into a higher resolution image using cyclic coefficients
47 8,264,590 Imaging apparatus and method
48 8,264,580 Solid state imaging device, signal processing method of solid-state imaging device and imaging apparatus capable of removing vertical smears
49 8,264,570 Location name registration apparatus and location name registration method
50 8,264,567 Electronic apparatus, imaging device, method for time correction, and program
51 8,264,563 Image pick-up apparatus and synchronization-signal-generating apparatus
52 8,264,559 Image pickup apparatus and image pickup method
53 8,264,552 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and recording medium
54 8,264,551 Methods for correcting distortions of image-taking video signals and apparatus for correcting distortions of image-taking video signals
55 8,264,548 Steering mirror for TV receiving high frequency wireless video
56 8,264,546 Image processing system for estimating camera parameters
57 8,264,533 Video conversion device, video conversion method, and program
58 8,264,511 Printing apparatus and thermal transfer printing method
59 8,264,487 Method for converting polygonal surfaces to levelsets
60 8,264,471 Miniature character input mechanism
61 8,264,469 Touch panel and display unit
62 8,264,463 Input device and electronic apparatus
63 8,264,456 Portable electronic apparatus, user interface controlling method, and program
64 8,264,452 Display device, display method, and electronic device
65 8,264,450 Illuminating apparatus and display apparatus
66 8,264,447 Display apparatus and method for controlling a backlight with multiple light sources of a display unit
67 8,264,437 Display for high brightness conditions
68 8,264,291 Resonator and a method of manufacturing the same, and oscillator and electronic apparatus including the same
69 8,264,231 Switch circuit
70 8,264,198 Battery pack, battery charger and charging method having multiple charging modes
71 8,264,123 Piezoelectric vibration device system and electronics apparatus
72 8,263,956 Optical flow channel measuring instrument
73 8,263,889 Manipulating apparatus and mobile terminal including the same
74 8,263,871 Mount board and semiconductor module
75 8,263,256 Cell
76 8,263,251 Insulating plate of nonaqueous electrolyte secondary cell, nonaqueous electrolyte secondary cell, and method for producing insulating plate of nonaqueous electrolyte secondary cell
77 8,262,829 Method for manufacturing divided waveplate filter
78 8,262,747 Cathode active material, cathode, nonaqueous electrolyte battery, and method for manufacturing cathode
79 8,262,481 Game control program, game device and game control method, management server, and data managing method
80 8,262,427 Defect correcting apparatus and defect correcting method