Sony patents granted on 12 August 2014

61 US patents granted on 12 August 2014 and assigned to Sony

1 8,806,564 Mobile consumer electronic applications on internet video platform
2 8,806,373 Display control apparatus, display control method, display control program, and recording medium storing the display control program
3 8,806,336 Facilitating display of a menu and selection of a menu item via a touch screen interface
4 8,806,077 Data transmission device, data reception device, data transmission method, and data reception method
5 8,806,021 Methods, portable electronic devices, systems and computer program products for automatically creating social networking services (SNS)
6 8,805,851 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
7 8,805,773 Minimizing latency in network program through transfer of authority over program assets
8 8,805,757 Evaluation predicting device, evaluation predicting method, and program
9 8,805,637 Test element group and semiconductor device
10 8,805,449 Communication terminals and methods with rapid input string matching
11 8,805,393 Dynamic adaptation of communication parameters for communication between a base station and a terminal in a wireless communication network
12 8,805,287 Communication control method, communication system, and management server
13 8,805,280 Information processing apparatus, and method and information processing system
14 8,805,272 Radio transmission system and electronic device
15 8,805,173 Information presentation device and information presentation method
16 8,805,168 Information processing system, portable information terminal apparatus, information processing method, program information providing apparatus, program information providing method, recording/reproducing apparatus, recording/reproducing method, computer-program storage medium, and computer-program
17 8,805,085 Image processing device and method
18 8,805,006 Information processing device configured to detect a subject from an image and extract a feature point from the subject, information processing method, program and electronic apparatus
19 8,804,976 Content reproduction device and method, and program
20 8,804,959 Communication device, communication method, and communication system
21 8,804,834 Image processing apparatus, image processing method and image processing program
22 8,804,832 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
23 8,804,791 Communication device, noise removing method, and program
24 8,804,673 Radio communication device, communication control device, radio communication system, radio communication method, and communication control method
25 8,804,560 Electronic devices, methods, and computer program products for selecting an antenna element based on a wireless communication performance criterion
26 8,804,479 Frame and signalling pattern structure for multi-carrier systems
27 8,804,368 Downward-facing optical component module
28 8,804,271 Information processing apparatus and head evacuation processing method therefor
29 8,804,248 Optical element
30 8,804,243 Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
31 8,804,222 Image recording medium, hologram replicating device and hologram replicating method
32 8,804,120 Fine particle analyzing apparatus and fine particle analyzing method
33 8,804,064 Display device
34 8,804,038 Information presentation device and information presentation method
35 8,804,019 Solid-state imaging device, method of driving the same, and camera system
36 8,804,012 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program for executing sensitivity difference correction processing
37 8,803,993 Solid-state imaging device and camera system with a reset-level variation correction function
38 8,803,985 Image processing apparatus, image pickup apparatus, image processing method, and program
39 8,803,982 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program, and information processing system for determining a subject as being imaged by a plurality of imaging devices
40 8,803,976 Image pickup apparatus
41 8,803,969 Event monitoring report and display system
42 8,803,965 Arithmetically operating device, arithmetically operating method, arithmetically operating program, and microscope
43 8,803,946 Image signal processing device, method and projecting device for stereoscopic images
44 8,803,886 Face image display, face image display method, and face image display program
45 8,803,832 Contact operation determination apparatus, contact operation determination method, and program
46 8,803,811 Operational terminal device, display control device, method of operating terminal device, method of operating display control device, and system
47 8,803,803 Operation member provided in electronic device, and electronic device
48 8,803,481 Battery pack and method of controlling the same
49 8,803,421 Display with organic light emitting elements
50 8,803,272 Semiconductor device provided with photodiode, manufacturing method thereof, and optical disc device
51 8,803,244 Semiconductor device
52 8,803,126 Solid-state imaging device, method for manufacturing solid-state imaging device, and imaging apparatus
53 8,803,100 Radiation image pickup apparatus and radiation image pickup/display system
54 8,803,067 Multi-wiring layer solid-state imaging device with increased sensitivity, electronic apparatus, and method for manufacturing same
55 8,802,590 Indium adsorbent, indium adsorbent producing method, and indium adsorption method
56 8,802,491 Electronic device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
57 8,802,458 Laser diode and method of manufacturing the same
58 8,802,286 Negative electrode for use with secondary battery and secondary battery using such negative electrode
59 8,802,280 Battery device and electronic apparatus
60 8,801,986 Method of manufacturing molded object and molded object
61 D710,840 Keyboard