Sony patents granted on 12 July 2011

48 US patents granted on 12 July 2011 and assigned to Sony

1 D641,332 Mobile phone
2 7,979,871 Disk apparatus and driving control section
3 7,979,709 Information processing apparatus, information recording medium, apparatus and method of manufacturing information recording medium, and computer program
4 7,979,680 Multi-threaded parallel processor methods and apparatus
5 7,979,574 System and method for routing communications among real and virtual communication devices
6 7,979,516 Method for data synchronization with mobile wireless devices
7 7,979,460 Systems and methods for server management
8 7,979,454 Information processing apparatus, and method and system for searching for reputation of content
9 7,979,447 Method and apparatus for use in providing information to accessing content
10 7,979,428 Time-shift image distribution system, time-shift image distribution method, time-shift image requesting apparatus, and image server
11 7,979,364 Learning control apparatus, learning control method, and computer program
12 7,979,270 Speech recognition apparatus and method
13 7,979,204 Electronic guide system, contents server for electronic guide system, portable electronic guide device, and information processing method for electronic guide system
14 7,979,040 Method for adjusting tuning circuit and receiver circuit
15 7,978,969 Camera module
16 7,978,957 Information processing apparatus and method, and program
17 7,978,955 Recording device, recording method, reproducing device, reproducing method, program, and recording medium
18 7,978,931 Optimized video stitching method
19 7,978,920 Method and system for processing an image, method and apparatus for decoding, method and apparatus for encoding, and program with fade period detector
20 7,978,866 Acoustics correcting apparatus
21 7,978,860 Playback apparatus and playback method
22 7,978,792 Reproducing apparatus and method, signal processing apparatus and method, and program
23 7,978,630 Method and system of maintaining a connection in a network communication system
24 7,978,570 Driving apparatus and method, program, and recording medium
25 7,978,569 Optical disc device and focus control method
26 7,978,567 Optical disc recording and reproducing apparatus
27 7,978,420 Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
28 7,978,413 Micro-lens array substrate and method for manufacturing thereof
29 7,978,400 Electro-wetting apparatus and method of driving electro-wetting apparatus
30 7,978,297 Electro-optical device having resistor with adjustable resistance value connected to IC and wiring lines
31 7,978,291 Liquid crystal display device
32 7,978,251 Imaging apparatus and arranging method for the same
33 7,978,248 Data processing apparatus and data processing method for displaying image capture mode candidates
34 7,978,228 Image-capturing apparatus and image processing method
35 7,978,227 Imaging apparatus with viewfinder and light sensing detector
36 7,978,225 Image recording apparatus, image playback control apparatus, image recording and playback control apparatus, processing method therefor, and program for enabling computer to execute same method
37 7,978,224 Multicast control of motion capture sequences
38 7,978,150 Portable telephone
39 7,977,916 Battery pack
40 7,977,751 Insulated gate field effect transistor and a method of manufacturing the same
41 7,977,710 Solid state imaging device
42 7,977,198 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
43 7,977,140 Methods for producing solid-state imaging device and electronic device
44 7,976,984 Powdered graphite and nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
45 7,976,973 Spirally wound battery
46 7,976,229 Lens barrier device, lens barrel, and imaging device
47 7,976,173 Projector and control method therefor
48 7,976,165 Image generation unit and image projection device