Sony patents granted on 12 June 2012

94 US patents granted on 12 June 2012 and assigned to Sony

1 D661,703 Icon for a portion of a display panel or screen
2 D661,702 Display panel or screen with an animated graphical user interface
3 8,201,263 Method and apparatus for enabling access to contact information
4 8,201,212 Receiving apparatus, receiving method, and transmitting/receiving apparatus
5 8,201,209 Recording system, receiving apparatus, recording apparatus, recording control method, and program
6 8,201,202 High quality video delivery via the internet
7 8,201,198 Information processing system, information processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and computer program
8 8,201,162 Software updating system, software updating method, and software updating program
9 8,201,104 Content player and method of displaying on-screen menu
10 8,201,097 Information processing apparatus, display control method, and program
11 8,201,092 Theme creator
12 8,200,882 Memory system, access control method therefor, and computer program
13 8,200,875 Processing and forwarding of message-signaled interrupts
14 8,200,873 Editing system, computer, timing notice apparatus, computer program, and method for acquiring timing
15 8,200,808 Communication apparatus and computer program
16 8,200,795 Mobile phone game interface
17 8,200,785 Efficient use of networked computing resources
18 8,200,724 Communication terminal, transmission method, and transmission system
19 8,200,689 Apparatus, method and computer program for content recommendation and recording medium
20 8,200,588 Information processing device, method and program for selecting expression candidates
21 8,200,488 Method for processing speech using absolute loudness
22 8,200,350 Content reproducing apparatus, list correcting apparatus, content reproducing method, and list correcting method
23 8,200,294 Mobile terminal apparatus
24 8,200,269 Content providing system, content providing server, information processing apparatus, and computer program
25 8,200,182 System and method for standby mode in directional signal receiver
26 8,200,153 Communication system, communication method, and data processing apparatus
27 8,200,066 Recording medium, reproducing apparatus and method using personal identification number
28 8,200,018 Information management apparatus, image recording apparatus, image pickup apparatus, image management system, image analysis information management method, and program
29 8,200,000 Microbead automatic recognition method and microbead
30 8,199,960 Integrated speaker and display
31 8,199,957 Speaker unit and audio output robot device
32 8,199,956 Acoustic in-ear detection for earpiece
33 8,199,950 Earphone and a method for providing an improved sound experience
34 8,199,942 Targeted sound detection and generation for audio headset
35 8,199,940 Audio reproduction system and speaker apparatus
36 8,199,937 Contents reproduction apparatus and method thereof
37 8,199,936 Signal converter, output amplifying device, audio apparatus, and transmitting and receiving system
38 8,199,932 Multi-channel, multi-band audio equalization
39 8,199,904 Method and device for creating a media signal
40 8,199,823 Estimation of B frame average rate quantization parameter (QP) in a group of pictures (GOP)
41 8,199,814 Estimation of I frame average rate quantization parameter (QP) in a group of pictures (GOP)
42 8,199,805 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
43 8,199,802 8K mode interleaver with odd interleaving only and per OFDM symbol permutation code change in a digital video broadcasting (DVB) standard
44 8,199,776 System and method for effectively transmitting content bursts to electronic devices
45 8,199,737 Radio communication system, radio communication apparatus, radio communication method, and computer program
46 8,199,734 Method and apparatus for sharing common interest links between communication devices
47 8,199,682 Wireless communication system and wireless communication control method, wireless communication device and wireless communication method, and computer program
48 8,199,625 Laser driving device and method with control signal patterns, reference pulses, and changing pulses
49 8,199,617 Recording apparatus
50 8,199,615 Recording/reproducing apparatus and adjustment method therefor
51 8,199,509 Electronic equipment
52 8,199,501 Electronic equipment
53 8,199,406 Optical element and method for manufacturing the same
54 8,199,384 Method of compensating the color tone differences between two images of the same scene
55 8,199,298 Liquid crystal device, method of manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus
56 8,199,261 Projection display apparatus which enables misregistration between primary color lights projected on a screen to be reduced
57 8,199,248 Two-dimensional polynomial model for depth estimation based on two-picture matching
58 8,199,245 Imaging device and focusing screen replacement mechanism
59 8,199,239 Video display device, imaging apparatus, and method for video display
60 8,199,237 Imaging device, control method therefor, and camera
61 8,199,233 Solid-state imaging device and camera capable of correcting shading of a captured image
62 8,199,229 Color filter, image processing apparatus, image processing method, image-capture apparatus, image-capture method, program and recording medium
63 8,199,221 Image recording apparatus, image recording method, image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
64 8,199,217 Device and method for image processing, program, and imaging apparatus
65 8,199,211 Camera direct dailies
66 8,199,210 Image pick-up apparatus and synchronization-signal-generating apparatus
67 8,199,208 Operation input apparatus, operation input method, and computer readable medium for determining a priority between detected images
68 8,199,171 Display device, image signal processing method, and program
69 8,199,143 Display apparatus, driving method for display apparatus and electronic apparatus
70 8,199,083 Display device
71 8,199,081 Display apparatus, display-apparatus driving method and electronic instrument
72 8,199,080 Display device having a plurality of data signal driving means and method for same
73 8,199,078 Image pickup apparatus and method of driving the same
74 8,199,077 Display apparatus, driving method for display apparatus and electronic apparatus
75 8,199,031 Input apparatus, control apparatus, control system, control method, and program therefor
76 8,199,014 System, device and method for keeping track of portable items by means of a mobile electronic device
77 8,198,988 Secure link between controller and device
78 8,198,960 Electric field coupler, communication apparatus, communication system, and fabrication method for electric field coupler
79 8,198,856 Electronic apparatus, charging method therefor, and battery
80 8,198,805 Display apparatus and electronic device
81 8,198,695 Back-illuminated type solid-state imaging device
82 8,198,694 Back-illuminated type solid-state imaging device
83 8,198,693 Solid-state image pickup apparatus and production method thereof
84 8,198,568 Input sensitive user interface
85 8,198,342 Aluminum chelate latent curing agent and production method thereof
86 8,198,121 Method of manufacturing solid-state imaging device
87 8,198,074 Reaction device
88 8,197,969 Anode and battery
89 8,197,968 Cathode active material and battery
90 8,197,964 Battery
91 8,197,716 Electromagnetic-wave suppressing material, electromagnetic-wave suppressing device, and electronic apparatus
92 8,197,655 System and method for detecting interaction between substances by superimposingly applying sinusoidal voltage
93 8,197,027 Liquid ejection apparatus
94 8,196,790 Method of manufacturing suction cup, suction cup, and on-vehicle apparatus