Sony patents granted on 12 October 2010

57 US patents granted on 12 October 2010 and assigned to Sony

1 D625,348 Camera
2 D625,294 Remote controller
3 D625,288 Speaker box
4 D625,286 Audio player
5 D625,275 Remote controller
6 D625,263 Battery
7 7,814,525 Navigation within switched digital streamed content
8 7,814,524 Capture of configuration and service provider data via OCR
9 7,814,509 Receiving apparatus, receiving method, storage medium, and program
10 7,814,418 Display apparatus, display method, and display program
11 7,814,416 Information processing apparatus, method, program, and system for data searching using linking information
12 7,814,319 Device and method for information communication, system and method for supporting information exchange and human relation fostering, and computer program
13 7,814,235 Page data reception method, page data providing method, device thereof, and program
14 7,814,220 User interface for an electronic device
15 7,814,207 Method and system for identifying available resources in a peer-to-peer network
16 7,814,195 Method for data synchronization with mobile wireless devices
17 7,814,184 High-level interface for QoS-based mobile multimedia applications
18 7,814,173 Information-processing system, information-processing apparatus and method, recording medium and program
19 7,814,166 Methods and apparatus for virtualizing an address space
20 7,814,039 Signal processing device and method which learn a prediction coefficient by least-Nth-power error minimization of student teacher data error to detect a telop within image signals which are input signals by selectively outputting input signals following decision of the processing deciding means
21 7,814,037 Information processing apparatus and method, and program for teaching an action to a device in a time-series pattern
22 7,813,909 Register mapping in emulation of a target system on a host system
23 7,813,842 Systems and methods for use in providing local power line communication
24 7,813,835 Robot behavior control system, behavior control method, and robot device
25 7,813,772 Methods of operating a mobile terminal such that a communication operation mode is changed based on a current voltage of a battery that powers the mobile terminal and related mobile terminals and computer program products
26 7,813,757 Information processor, information processing method, program and recording medium
27 7,813,566 Data processing apparatus and data processing method
28 7,813,551 Terminal device and communication method
29 7,813,522 Loudspeaker device
30 7,813,514 Apparatus and method for checking loudspeaker
31 7,813,430 Method and apparatus for decimation mode determination utilizing block motion
32 7,813,372 Wireless communication system, wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication method and computer program
33 7,813,325 Location information communication
34 7,813,257 Optical recording medium and master disc for manufacturing optical recording medium
35 7,813,256 Optical disc reproduction method and device, and optical disc manufacturing method
36 7,813,249 Information recording apparatus and method, information reproduction apparatus and method, information recording medium, program storage medium and program
37 7,813,248 Method and apparatus for protecting data when a recording process has failed
38 7,813,246 Method and apparatus for recording BCA to optical disc using multiple turntables
39 7,813,240 Optical disk recording apparatus and optical recording method
40 7,813,230 Optical recording medium driving apparatus and optical recording medium driving method
41 7,813,066 Magnetic recording and reproduction method, recording apparatus, reproduction apparatus and magnetic recording medium
42 7,813,052 Variable power optical system and image-recording device
43 7,813,049 Optical element
44 7,812,885 Position and time sensitive closed captioning
45 7,812,878 Solid-state imaging device and imaging apparatus
46 7,812,874 Solid-state imaging apparatus and camera
47 7,812,842 Mobile motion capture cameras
48 7,812,837 Reduced Z-buffer generating method, hidden surface removal method and occlusion culling method
49 7,812,814 Device with game-dependent user interface, method, game module and computer program product therefor
50 7,812,510 Flat display and manufacturing method thereof
51 7,812,301 Solid-state imaging device, method of driving solid-state imaging device and imaging apparatus
52 7,812,264 Functional element-mounted module and a method for producing the same
53 7,811,706 Battery
54 7,811,468 Method of forming a composite containing a matrix component and at least one liquid crystal component
55 7,810,979 Illuminating device with primary color LED and fluorescent light sources, and liquid crystal display device
56 7,810,933 Image projection apparatus
57 7,810,511 Lens cleaner