Sony patents granted on 13 December 2011

72 US patents granted on 13 December 2011 and assigned to Sony

1 RE43,021 Picture signal transmitting method and apparatus
2 8,079,088 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
3 8,079,078 Encryption apparatus, program for use therewith, and method for use therewith
4 8,079,055 User managed internet links from TV
5 8,079,029 Content acquisition method, content acquisition device, and content acquisition program
6 8,079,028 Information processing device and method, recording medium and program
7 8,078,936 Encoding method, encoding apparatus, and program
8 8,078,896 Adaptive power saving
9 8,078,766 Apparatus and method of displaying image
10 8,078,746 Mobile terminal, contents delivery system, and contents reproduction program
11 8,078,695 Media on demand using an intermediary device to output media from a remote computing device
12 8,078,654 Method and apparatus for displaying image data acquired based on a string of characters
13 8,078,635 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and information processing program
14 8,078,472 Voice-activated remote control service
15 8,078,468 Speech recognition for identifying advertisements and/or web pages
16 8,078,132 Selectively skipping listen windows in power saving mode in multi-mode radio handsets
17 8,078,127 Reception device, reception method and program
18 8,078,112 Decentralized wireless communication system, apparatus, and associated methodology
19 8,078,048 Imaging device and video recording/reproducing system
20 8,078,036 Custom content compilation using digital chapter marks
21 8,078,032 Method and apparatus for information processing, and medium for storing information
22 8,078,003 Biometric image processing apparatus, biometric image acquisition method, and biometric authentication program
23 8,077,978 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
24 8,077,964 Two dimensional/three dimensional digital information acquisition and display device
25 8,077,932 Face recognition apparatus, face recognition method, gabor filter application apparatus, and computer program
26 8,077,915 Obtaining information by tracking a user
27 8,077,882 Audio reproducing apparatus
28 8,077,876 Delivery system, transmission apparatus, and delivery method
29 8,077,804 Transmitting apparatus, receiving apparatus and transmitting/receiving system for digital data
30 8,077,769 Method of reducing computations in transform and scaling processes in a digital video encoder using a threshold-based approach
31 8,077,752 Vertical cavity surface emitting laser
32 8,077,702 Caller information provision
33 8,077,696 Wireless communication apparatus and wireless communication method
34 8,077,645 Wireless communication terminal, semiconductor device, data communication method, and wireless communication system
35 8,077,582 Optical pickup, optical information recording method, and optical disc apparatus
36 8,077,567 Recording and reproducing apparatus and recording and reproducing method
37 8,077,563 Beam applying method, optical recording medium, and recording and reproducing apparatus
38 8,077,497 Resistive memory device and operating method thereof
39 8,077,313 Optical measuring device, optical measuring apparatus and fine particle measuring apparatus using optical measuring device
40 8,077,281 Liquid crystal device
41 8,077,263 Decoding multiple remote control code sets
42 8,077,258 Image display apparatus, signal processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer program product
43 8,077,249 Imaging apparatus, imaging method and program
44 8,077,243 Video output device and OSD forced display method of video output device
45 8,077,229 Image parameter correction for picked-up image and simulated image
46 8,077,224 Imaging apparatus and imaging mode control method
47 8,077,214 Signal processing apparatus, signal processing method, program and recording medium
48 8,077,213 Methods for capturing a sequence of images and related devices
49 8,077,209 Imaging preventing apparatus and imaging preventing method
50 8,077,206 Image pickup apparatus, communication control method, and program
51 8,077,205 Adaptive prediction of calibration parameters for color imaging devices
52 8,077,172 Method and apparatus for processing an image, image display system, storage medium, and program
53 8,077,136 Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus
54 8,077,124 Image display device and method of driving the same
55 8,077,066 .DELTA..SIGMA. modulator
56 8,076,982 Voltage-controlled variable frequency oscillation circuit and signal processing circuit
57 8,076,846 Metal oxide nanoparticles, production method thereof, light-emitting element assembly, and optical material
58 8,076,832 Electron emitter structure and associated method of producing field emission displays
59 8,076,822 Piezoelectric element drive device, electronic apparatus, and method for controlling piezoelectric element drive frequency
60 8,076,697 Solid-state imaging device, method of driving same, and camera apparatus
61 8,076,583 Light-transmitting electric conductor, method of manufacturing the same, destaticizing sheet, and electronic device
62 8,076,567 Music piece reproducing apparatus and music piece reproducing method
63 8,076,566 Beat extraction device and beat extraction method
64 8,076,437 Encapsulant material for optical component and light-emitting device
65 8,076,172 Method of manufacturing solid-state imaging device and method of manufacturing electronic apparatus
66 8,076,035 Fuel cell with sequential enzymatic reactions
67 8,075,975 Optical recording medium and method for manufacturing the same
68 8,075,151 Surface light source device and image display device
69 8,075,150 Backlight unit and display device
70 8,075,148 Illumination apparatus, color conversion device, and display apparatus
71 8,075,125 Liquid spraying cartridge containing a recording liquid having a pH of over 4 and under 6
72 8,075,124 Liquid cartridge containing a recording liquid having a pH of over 4 and under 6