Sony patents granted on 13 December 2016

30 US patents granted on 13 December 2016 and assigned to Sony

1 D774,031 Tablet computer
2 9,521,660 Base station, wireless communication method, and wireless communication system
3 9,521,423 Data encoding and decoding apparatus, method and storage medium
4 9,521,394 Disparity data transport and signaling
5 9,521,368 Real time virtual reality leveraging web cams and IP cams and web cam and IP cam networks
6 9,521,350 Solid-state imaging device and electronic apparatus
7 9,521,343 Solid state imaging device having bias line providing fixing potential
8 9,521,340 Apparatus and method for detecting a defective pixel
9 9,521,313 Image capturing control apparatus, image capturing control method, and computer program
10 9,521,176 System, method, and computer program product for media publishing request processing
11 9,520,966 Transmitter and method of transmitting and receiver and method of receiving
12 9,520,900 Convolutional interleaver having a plurality of delay portions
13 9,520,848 Amplifier, liquid crystal displaying driving circuit and liquid crystal display apparatus
14 9,520,572 Electronic device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
15 9,520,449 Photoelectric conversion device, solid-state image pickup unit, and electronic apparatuses having work function adjustment layers and diffusion suppression layers
16 9,520,432 Solid-state imaging devices with impurity regions between photoelectric conversion regions and methods for manufacturing the same
17 9,520,430 Solid state imaging apparatus, production method thereof and electronic device
18 9,520,096 Liquid crystal display device
19 9,519,983 Image processing device, image processing method and program
20 9,519,953 Image processing of a color image produced by a one-chip pixel unit using interpolation of color components produced by the one-chip pixel unit
21 9,519,423 Information processing apparatus
22 9,519,412 Display control apparatus, display control method, program, and information storage medium
23 9,519,382 Touch panel device and portable information terminal including touch panel device
24 9,519,343 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program for converting proficiency levels into indices
25 9,519,339 Imaging display apparatus and method
26 9,519,332 Information processing apparatus, information processing system, and power control method
27 9,519,177 Display unit
28 9,518,997 Blood coagulation system analyzer, and blood coagulation system analysis method and program
29 9,518,948 Detection device, power reception device, power transmission device and non-contact power supply system
30 9,517,029 Image processing device, image processing method, image processing system, program, and recording medium