Sony patents granted on 13 March 2012

49 US patents granted on 13 March 2012 and assigned to Sony

1 RE43,240 Copy control for a video signal with copyright signals superimposed as predetermined bits in the VBID data of the video signal
2 RE43,238 Picture signal transmitting method and apparatus
3 D655,745 Type font
4 D655,683 Television receiver
5 D655,673 Battery
6 8,136,097 Thread debugging device, thread debugging method and information storage medium
7 8,136,064 Bijectively mapping character string to integer values in integrated circuit design data
8 8,136,051 Method and apparatus for automatically updating a primary display area
9 8,136,018 Network communication protocol for large scale distribution of streaming content
10 8,135,991 Semiconductor device and processing method for starting the same
11 8,135,888 Translation module to facilitate control of TV using home network controller
12 8,135,887 Relay, entertainment apparatus, communication system, communication method, and program
13 8,135,870 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
14 8,135,867 Secure operation of processors
15 8,135,844 Content providing server, information processing device and method, and computer program
16 8,135,736 Content providing system, content providing apparatus and method, content distribution server, and content receiving terminal
17 8,135,724 Digital media recasting
18 8,135,700 Content providing system, content providing apparatus and method, content distribution server, and content receiving terminal
19 8,135,646 Content transmission apparatus
20 8,135,343 Information management apparatus, method, and computer program product, and communication processing apparatus, method, and computer program product
21 8,135,332 Information processing device, information processing method, and information processing program
22 8,135,239 Display control apparatus, display control method, computer program, and recording medium
23 8,135,226 Image encoder, image encoding method, image decoder, and image decoding method
24 8,135,213 Physical quantity interpolating method, and color signal processing circuit and camera system using the same
25 8,135,141 Audio signal transmitting apparatus, audio signal receiving apparatus, audio signal transmission system, audio signal transmission method, and program
26 8,135,074 Storage and read of memory areas and information for decoding
27 8,135,066 Control of data processing
28 8,134,900 Recording and reproducing apparatus and laser-driving pulse adjusting method
29 8,134,765 Hologram recording and reconstruction apparatus
30 8,134,738 Data edition system, data edition method, data processing device, and server device
31 8,134,672 Liquid crystal device and electronic apparatus
32 8,134,639 Imaging device and extendable shoulder pad therefor
33 8,134,625 Solid-state imaging device, camera, and electronic device
34 8,134,620 Solid-state image-pickup device
35 8,134,613 Image processing apparatus and method, and image pickup apparatus
36 8,134,606 System and method for creating composite images by utilizing an imaging device
37 8,134,605 Apparatus for transmitting an HTML file with a captured or stored image to an electronic device over a network
38 8,134,597 Camera system with touch focus and method
39 8,134,557 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
40 8,134,263 Bearing unit, motor using the bearing unit, and electronic equipment using the motor
41 8,134,226 Processing apparatus with memories coupled to respective processors
42 8,134,182 Field-effect transistor, semiconductor device including the field-effect transistor, and method of producing semiconductor device
43 8,134,154 Thin film transistor and display
44 8,134,126 Far-infrared radiation image processing apparatus, far-infrared radiation imaging apparatus, far-infrared radiation image processing method, and far-infrared radiation image processing program
45 8,133,610 Battery
46 8,133,115 System and method for recording and displaying a graphical path in a video game
47 8,132,735 Recording medium and apparatus for holding the same
48 8,132,446 Property measurement apparatus and property measurement method
49 8,132,292 Hinge mechanism for a wireless communication device